Sunday, November 4, 2018

October Days - Here and Gone

I seem to recall a while ago mentioning that I hoped the month of October
would co-operate and slow down!
Well - it didn't, of course!

I can't even believe how fast it went and how busy it was.
Not to mention, my new and stressful learning curve of trying to get used to
a new upgraded version on my MacBook Pro
(mine is considered a "vintage" laptop according to the Apple Genius - ugh)
It's a 2011!!! That's pretty new in my books - huh!
And I thought "dog years" were bad ...

It all started when I tried to upload my photo book project
which is no longer supported by my ancient upgrades.
Thankfully, my dear daughter walked me through the process,
even taking over my computer just like the pros and making
this photo book happen.

Well, back to October - here is how it went down ...

The Leis Family Thanksgiving Dinner
at a nephew's beautiful new home.

Complete with delicious fancy desserts!
Rachael's cakes are becoming famous during these family gatherings!

The annual church Beef BBQ (and pie) which helped us "raise the roof" repairs
money in the amount of over $10,000!!!!!

There was some soup and grilled cheese lunches with Papa ...

... and the first snow fall 

I caught my breath as I looked out the window to see her in her mommy's
1980's snow suit. It totally caught me off-guard and my heart skipped a few beats!

There was an 8 plus hour power outage.
Unplugged and quiet - such a pleasure (except for a wee chill in the house till the wood stove got fired up).

And then THIS happened!!!!!
How can he be 6 months already?

Aunt Viola's 88th birthday and painting party!
She is my mom's youngest remaining sister and we had such fun painting small "barn" quilts facilitated by my cousin in her studio shed!

Here I am with two of my sisters and our quilts ...
We missed you Marilyn!

Last Tuesday was a beauty and the "cornbine" as Noa called it
finally came .... much to the relief of the farmer!

We scooped up some of the spilled kernels and she played with them all afternoon!

The next day she was transformed into "Skye"
her favourite Paw Patrol character
complete with a Paw Patrol bucket!

October was good!!!! Busy, but good!

Till next time ..... here comes November!!! Oops - it's already Nov. 4th and dark at 5 p.m.


  1. Hello dear Rosella. A busy October for sure. Love that snowfall shot with your sweet grandgirlie wearing mommy's snowsuit...precious. 6 months! He is so so cute. What fun, such a sweet smile. Happy November to you and yours!

  2. A beautiful Octobet it was. I think your nephew’s kitchen is that bank of cabinetry. Your little grandson sitting that way made me laugh aloud. How cute! And how smitten Papa is with his little grandgirlie. I see that she made a wonderful Skye. And oh how darling in her mother’s pink snowsuit. And you had yourself some fun, too, with dear family members. Oh, congrats on all those funds being raised. Marvelous!

  3. There's so much to comment about here . . . a full, fun October for sure! A month of precious gatherings with family and friends. Yes, your nephew's new home is beautiful if the rest is like that wonderful kitchen. And, oh that cake . . . stunning! I can imagine the flashback when you saw your sweet granddaughter in her mama's snowsuit. How time does fly.

  4. Your Thanksgiving buffet looked so good and did the beautiful desserts. Wow, that cake! We are on the same page when it comes to gong back in time as we see our grands growing. Your Noa and my Evy would get along just fine playing Paw Patrol. Oh, she would have been jealous to see that outfit. Sky is her favorite too.

  5. I love your family updates! SO much fun being a grandma! I'm hoping it happens to me eventually!! Can't believe another month has slipped by!


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