Monday, July 29, 2019

July 2019 Memories Post

July 2019 is coming to an end at warp speed.
I'm really not sure anyone reads or even has the time to read my posts anymore
but I'm determined to do a "made in July memories" post for my own reference.
I admit, these summer days are so full and delightfully busy that I simply can't get
around to reading all the other blogs out there. 
Please accept my sincere apologies. Perhaps when the winds change and the air cools,
there will be time to look back.

Here is my picture (with a few words) post to remember this wonderful month ...

Fun days spent with this little man - oh, my heart!

First haircut without colour - what have I done?

Time to clean up and reseal the back patio! Done ...

Garlic scape pesto making time - so delicious!

First Vacation Bible School
for our 3 year old.
She LOVED it!

Sunday morning VBS interview/review
with her mommy teacher.

Nammie found some unpainted carvings up in the barn!

Ta-da - we painted a loon. She did a great job!

Another thing that came out of the barn for a spin out the lane and a wash. 1981 (I think) Land Cruiser/"Crusher".
No windshield, straw and critters in the back - needs a bit of work some day ...
Still purrs.

A precious gift from my sister. A piece of mom's begonia. Not sure what it's called
but I think she used to call it a turkey foot begonia. Does anyone know this vintage variety?

We were invited to a very special 60th birthday celebration
for our Hmong friend Bao.
She came to us with her husband and two very young children through the MCC "boat people" sponsorship program in 1979.
We have been so fortunate to have stayed in touch with her through her daughter Ka. Ka was 2 years old when they came to Canada from a Laotian refugee camp.
What a wonderful success story for this family!

Part of the celebration included a "Hmong hand tying" ceremony where
everyone was given a small piece of yarn to tie onto Bao's wrists.
It was a warm way for everyone to greet her and I just loved the symbolism
of not being able to tie this onto your own wrists but that it had to be done for you.
Just one of the many beautiful Hmong traditions we have learned from this family friendship.

Here she is with her children. Ka on the far left. Cher who was 1 at the time they arrived is hidden behind his sister in the green dress (sorry Cher). 4 children were born in Canada.

Bao's husband Chong, passed away 10 years ago at the age of 52, just days after 
Ka's wedding day.
What a privilege it's been all these years to still be referred to as their sponsors
and to be invited to their special family gatherings.

Leis Family Tradition - July Picnic at the Freeman's Pond
Every July we have a family picnic at the Freeman Family's Farm Pond!
It's something we all look forward to and can't even remember how many 
years we have been doing this (probably since about 1984 or 85).

This girl LOVES dessert. After the huge pot-luck meal feast and patiently waiting
for dessert to come out, she came to me and offered to help me put it out.
She is sweet through and through!!!

Just wait till next year for this little sweetie to dig in!

Best part was that we got to meet this precious newest leaf on the family tree!

The Leis Brothers playing the annual Bocci Ball Game.

Camp fire to end the day...

And then, just like that - she turned 4 years old!!!!!

Put your hair in the air and celebrate this adorable 4 year old - Princess Poppy Troll Cake

A quick birthday picnic in the park after spending the day with her mommy at the spa.
I can't even ... my heart is full ...

And he decided he was going to start walking on his sister's birthday!!!
Pure joy ...

The 35th annual visit from our Kentucky friends Debi and Larry!
What a great week we had with y'all. So glad you always include us in your plans!
Extreme hot weather brought some storms too.

Sultry July evenings on the back deck.

Sunsets on Lake Huron to end the month.

Thankful for each day that God has given me. I am truly blessed!

If you are still reading - thanks for bearing with me.

 Till next time - wishing you a fabulous August 2019. Let this Summer continue.


  1. It sure is handy to have a record. July was certainly busy for your family and friends.

    Those grands sure are darling! How convenient that your grandson selected a day not to be forgotten to walk. Smart boy!

    Your hair looks marvelous. Is there a problem? I must be missing it.

    Have a happy end of July and a great August!

    1. Thanks Vee. The hair - I've decided to let it go, let it go, let it go (ha) and there is a huge blotch of white roots at the top of my head. Who knows how it will look - eek! Only time will tell I guess.

  2. So many special moments!! You'll be glad you took time to record them. It looks as if your granddaughter has some artistic talent. Both grands are growing so quickly! The baby is walking . . . Noa is four already?

    I know nothing about begonias, but I know that it is a very special gift to have a piece of your mom's.

    If you are at all like me, you will love the freedom of natural hair color. (Once you get through the transition stage, that is. That part was hard.)

  3. Like you, I have no idea who is still reading my blog posts but love to do monthly re-caps for my own record. You won't believe how often I go back to my blog to 'look things up'. Happy Birthday to your beautiful 4-year old princess! So many good things in have been busy! As for the hair, you will be surprised how quickly the transition goes. Like Cheryl, I am enjoying the freedom of going 'au naturel' as well. Enjoy your summer!

  4. You have your priorities straight---there's always time to visit blogs, but family time is precious. Nice to catch up with your and your beautiful family. Looks like a fabulous summer!!! xo

  5. It's good to create posts like these that will help our memories in years to come. You had a full good July. Your little guy is so cute and walking! Sweet granddaughter is 4 years old! Time flies when you have grandchildren. What a blessing that you can be close and involved in their lives. Love that vehicle that came out for a spin! Happy August dear one!

  6. Your grands are so sweet! I love that photo of the painted loon! (that expression!)

  7. What a wonderful month, Rosella! It's filled with all the important things - family, friends, plenty to celebrate and nature's beauty!


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