Monday, September 26, 2022

Monday's Mood

 Today my mood matches the weather!
Might it be because it is Monday,
dreary, rainy and cold?
Is it because the "naked lady'' crocus is blooming,
indicating 6 more weeks till snow?

Some days are just so hard ...

However, I am warmed by emails from thoughtful friends,
messages on facebook,
and the memories from last evening's hymn sing!

For one of the first times in a long while, a large congregation
of folks gathered to sing favourite hymns.
This was in celebration
of the bicentennial immigration of 
the Amish Mennonites who settled in this area
of South Western Ontario 200 years ago!

Here is a wee clip of the acapella singing of "606"
"Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow"
dubbed as the Mennonite anthem.

We sang at least a dozen beautiful/soul touching old hymns and even one from the
historic old Ausbund hymnal!

Here is a picture of my Grandfather's copy (open book - printed in 1905)
 which is on display for
this coming weekend's continued celebrations.

September, for the most part was good.
We swam in the spa, had a fun sleep over, picniked on the balcony 
(until the wasps chased us inside), and then,
BAM - he had his first day at school!

I was saddened when I heard the news that Queen Elizabeth II had passed away.
She came to visit this very site - the Stratford Festival Theatre,
 at least 2 or 3 times during her reign.
The flag remained half masted in her honour.

Did you have a chance to watch the funeral?
I have to admit that I was very moved by it all and many emotions were felt!
The services were beautiful. May she Rest in Peace.

It IS possible for crowds of people to be peaceful and respectful after-all!

One small batch of salsa was made.

Have you ever tried painting with water colours?
There's a great online facebook teacher - Paint with Janet
 who gives free tutorials and I am enjoying
watching and trying my brush at it ...

First attempt at Scotch Thistles

My dear neighbours gifted me with these beautiful red bartlett pears
and since my paints were still on the table I was inspired to paint one.
Not good enough to share tho!
I think water colours are so difficult but surely if I keep practicing with Janet
there might be some success to be had?
My sister Marie is a beautiful water colour artist as well as my niece Shannon Leis.
I have always
admired their skills!

My sewing studio(room) has been sorely neglected all summer
and I hope to get back at some projects.
Need to start using up some of the fabric I purchased on the June bus trip
to Missouri Star Quilt Company.
So many possibilities.

Some of my favourite memories for this past month:
Bedtime stories,
Chocolate fudgesicles
Siblings breakfast
Sister's anniversaries
Apple Butter and Cheese Festival
Lunches and Coffee outings with friends
Successful Soybean Harvest at the farm
Sweater weather

Ahhhh - now my Monday doesn't seem quite as blue
I feel much better now ...
Still so much to be very thankful for!!!

Till next time .... stay well and enjoy these days of Fall!


  1. Well let's see if I can comment here. It's looking good so far! That singing was so beautiful. Seems you have a wonderful heritage, Rosella. The grandchildren are so cute in the pool and walking the path to catch the schoolbus.

    Yes, I did watch a lot of the Queen's funeral, though I tried not to be glued to the screen. How wonderful that she visited your corner more than once. I was impressed by the positive testimony to a godly life.

    Take care, have an excellent autumn.

  2. I can imagine that some days are hard . . . and that some days are even harder. You continue to inspire me with your determination to find bits of joy in your days! Thank you for sharing the clip of that beautiful singing! Loved seeing your grandfather's hymnal there on display. Your grands are so adorable . . . and growing! I absolutely love the quilt that is covering them in the flashlight picture! Am I correct in assuming that you made it? It's beautiful!

    1. Thanks Cheryl. Yes I made the quilt for her when she transitioned into her "big girl" bed! The pattern is called Triangle Pop by Emily at I love her patterns!

  3. Beautiful singing. Joy and sorrow seem to be lifetime companions. I can only imagine your harder days. That photo of the grands walking off to school...priceless and sweet!!
    We're still waiting for our grands to have a sleepover here. The flashlight photos are cute. Prayers continue for you dear Rosella and the difficult transition you have to maneuver. Love and hugs!

    1. Thanks dear Ellen. Hope you are back in the groove and over any jet lag!

  4. Where do I start? Glad your blue Monday ended better than it began. Loved the beautiful congregational singing. As for water colour painting…I think I need some inspiration from Janet. I bought all the supplies a few years ago with intentions of doing some painting, but that’s as far as it went. My salsa recipe is almost identical to yours. I did a large batch this week. As for the Queen’s funeral…I watched the highlights as well as some of the ceremony in Ottawa. What a legacy she leaves for those who find behind! Sweet pic’s of your grands! Continued thoughts and prayers for you as you.

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I do hope you swing back to read this and tell me your name. Your prayers are a true gift to me...

  5. Missing your dearest on earth to share all these wonderful days with, must be so hard! I'm so glad you can write about it and keep seeing the blessings in your life. The littles walking to school together is a heartwarming picture! I didn't realize the Amish Mennonites had been there for so long! That is before we became a country! The hymn sing is a beatiful way of remembering the faith of our fathers. May God continue to be very near to you with His comfort.


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