Monday, May 13, 2024

Where the Orioles Sing

 It's apple blossom season at the farm
and true to every year, the orioles return to play in the blossoms.
These beautiful elusive birds can be heard singing but hard to catch on camera.
Their song was once referred to as a Robin that's had singing lessons!
I agree!

"Waterlogue edit"

This time of year at the farm is so pretty and I am privileged to spend some time there.

Besides the Rhubarb that is growing so fast,
The ferns are unfurling and the white bleeding heart 
is as beautiful as ever.

What a week it's been!

A very rare witness to Aurora Borealis sighting here in SW Ontario
and I captured some of the colour right from my front porch in the city!!!

Did you see this too?
So amazing ...

Since my last post of another celestial event (the total eclipse)
my sweet Sully finished another trip around the sun.
He's SIX!!!

Yup - he love's hot wheels!!!

The Leis Fam Jam got together for dinner and an ear-splitting
Eric Clapton tribute concert.
It was a fabulous concert, however, I now appreciate my unplugged
CD version even more.
I am old!

A bit of quilting happened too.
So thankful for sister time creating a quilt for another one
of her granddaughters who will be heading off to university this Fall!
Hope I'll still be able to help when her youngest grandchildren 
are ready to head off to college - they are still toddlers - eek!
Maybe we should start now?

Mother's Day was delightful spent with family at the farm.
Rhubarb Pie was baked (of course) and a bowl of my mom's potato salad recipe
was added to the table.

Patrick served a mouth watering meal of smoked chicken sliders with
all the fixings!!

Till next time ....... stopping to listen for the oriole's song and keeping my eyes looking up!


  1. Beautiful post Rosella!!❤️

    1. Thanks Evelyn!! We need to go fabric shopping soon - lol

  2. I am sure that seeing the Northern Lights was an amazing experience . . . and from your front porch, no less! It looks like a beautiful spring on the farm. My bleeding heart is pink, so it is fun to see your pretty white one.

    Happy 6th birthday to Sully! Oh, how the time flies!

    We have wondered about working ahead on those "milestone" gifts here too. Ron makes a wooden "treasure" box personalized with their names for each grandchild's 10th birthday. The youngest grandchild (so far) turns three this year, so Ron could have many years of making boxes in his future! My vote is for him to make them ahead, but there are always so many other things to do . . .

  3. What a wonderful description of the Orioles singing. Love it. The Spring blooms and greens you shared are so beautiful. Happy 6th year to Sully! Boy time flies when you have grandkids!! Looks like a wonderful Mother's day meal. How nice to be treated. Happy day to you!


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