Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mom's Potato Salad

Nothing tastes more like summer then Mom's Potato Salad!
The thing I remember the most
about this salad is the way she
dressed it up and the special bowl she served it in.
She loved to make her food look appetizing
and, oh boy, it was always so delicious.
After I was first married, I tried to
make my potato salad taste like hers.
Even though I used her dressing recipe,
there was something different.
Finally, I figured it out - she sauted the onions
just until soft and transparent....this totally
gave it that "mom" flavour.

Another "trick" I learned from someone who does
a lot of catering and makes a wonderful
potato salad is - quarter the potatoes and
boil till tender - leaving the skins on.
When fork tender, drain and cool slightly.
Peel the potatoes while still warm - the skins
slide right off!!!
No wasted potato and it's so much faster to peel.

Mom’s Potato Salad

This is exactly how she wrote out the recipe:

4 Cups Vinegar (3/4 Cup vinegar and fill rest of cup with water)
4 Cups Boiling Water
4 Eggs – beaten
4 Cups White Sugar
8 Dessert Spoons of Flour
2 tsp. salt
Boil ½ the recipe if you like but it will keep a long time in frig.
Boil until thick – when done add butter (size of an egg).
Cut boiled potatoes as you like them.  Add cold hard boiled eggs, celery, cream, all-purpose seasoning, and prepared mustard.  Add onions – onions may be fried in butter before.  Sauce may be heated before to put on potatoes.  Trim with parsley and carrots on top.

I used 5 lbs. potatoes, 7 hard boiled eggs, 1 sweet onion - sauted, 2 celery sticks finely chopped, parsley, chopped radishes, and 1/2 of the dressing recipe.  Instead of adding cream to the dressing, I added about 1 Cup of mayonnaise, some dillweed, salt and pepper (instead of the all-purpose seasoning), and a generous squirt of prepared mustard.  This makes enough for at least 12-15 people!

Mom always garnished the top of the salad with hard boiled eggs, finely grated carrot, chopped parsley, chopped celery with their tender leaves, and radishes.  Paprika was always sprinkled on the egg slices. I wish I had taken a picture of how she put it together but it sort of resembled this one.

Till next time ..... enjoy the first weekend of summer!


  1. How fun to have your mom's written out recipe. It sure looks pretty! Great tip on boiling the potatoes. I'd really enjoy a bowl of that salad right about now...

  2. How beautiful! I love the way your mom garnished her potato appealing :)

  3. Looks like an exotic garden flower! And sounds delicious too!

  4. I never like the taste of raw onions after you finish a salad ... =) the idea of sauteeing them intrigues me. I need to try that. Pretty salad!