Monday, June 5, 2023

Rhubarb and Quilts

It's been awhile since I've posted anything ...
Many things for me to "journal" here!

A new King - did you watch the crowning?
I found it intriguing and, yup, I got up early to watch!
The traditional ceremony reminded me of the biblical stories of
how ancient Kings were appointed and anointed by God.

Made some tea biscuits to enjoy with my very early morning coffee ...
I have also been binge rewatching "The Crown" on Netflix

There was a heavenly birthday in April and I was smitten by all the feels!
At the same time I was smitten with a very good dose of Covid too - that certainly
didn't make things easier.

BTW the "Farmer's Daughter" Quilt is at the quilters.
Can't wait to see how it turns out.

Speaking of quilts .... I went to a most wonderful quilt show,
Piecemakers Quilt Show in St. Mary's, Ontario
I literally stood in awe of the talent and beauty.

This display was my favourite ...
The sponsoring Stonetown Guild challenged it's members to make a 
20" X 20" quilt, any theme, but using mostly Green and Blue fabrics.
I love these creative pieces

took place in New Hamburg - more quilts galore and more!!
(perhaps I should rename my blog to Rhubarb & Quilts?)

The Friday Evening 4 part Hymn Sing - so lovely!

Also, once again our church supplied the Rhubarb for Relief stand 
at the sale. We sold all the rhubarb and made a pure profit $1,065.00 for relief.
I think my rhubarb patch at the farm has never been as good as this Spring!
A few pies and a few batches of muffins have been made so far.

Last November in my "November Be Gentle"  I posted a photo
of something in a box that had arrived on my front porch 
from British Columbia ...
It's out of the box and I'm loving it ...
my new e-Bike made by RIZE.

Trail Riding with Family and Friends

The trails around here are awesome ... a Mother's Day Gift from
my dear son-in-law for his mom, Becky and I to go on a walk
along the trail, led by a local herbalist Evelyn Mueller The Lion's Tooth.
What a great experience ... we only walked a few metres it seemed and
identified so many plants that have medicinal, culinary, and historical significance
(i.e. dandelion, St. John's Wort, horsetail, cramp bark, raspberry leaf, garlic mustard,
and plantain). We enjoyed a delicious foraged dandelion summer drink, a creamy herb spread
on nettle infused sour dough bread!
We even made a plantain Tincture!

My front porch needed some love 
so I decided to chalk paint this old chair.

It was from our old church building and used by the quilters
for many years. I was able to get one of them.
Also, notice the church bench that now sits 
on my back porch.
It too was from our old church and purchased at an auction
for approximately $30 several years ago.
Perfect for the back porch.

A light sanding, one coat of paint,
some more light sanding,
and wax was all it took.

I love it as my "fern stand" at the front door.

This past Sunday my sister and I had the privilege to host a baby shower
for my niece.
She had her first baby during covid - no shower, just visitor views
through their patio doors!
Now baby #2 has come along and we knew we had to properly celebrate these
two adorable new leaves that have been added to the Gerber family tree.
We are blessed ...

The chatter and fellowship was just what this heart needed!

The summer solstice is nearing and there is always much to be thankful for
even tho a 50th anniversary is not to be ...

Till next time ... stay well and stop to admire the quilts and taste some wild herbs or rhubarb!


  1. Oh Rosella. This a beautiful post. So many tender thoughts and memories shared!! Thanks again! Your ever thankful sister!! Evelyn

  2. So beautiful! I enjoyed it all! Blessings to you ! You are a special Lady

  3. I really enjoy reading your blog Rosella. Ever think you might like to be a writer?

  4. Very nice post Rosella.💕

  5. "Anonymous" readers, if you come back here, please let me know who you are so I know who to thank for your very kind comments. Hugs ...

  6. It's always nice to catch up with you here on your know what is happening in your world. So sorry that Covid again disrupted your life. I love your chair that is now a fern stand. I have that very same chair in the garage. I think it needs a new life as well! The baby shower looks like a fun way to celebrate the new additions to your family! You will love your e-bike! I have almost 4000 kms on mine already. Take care!

  7. Thanks for another post. I love reading your updates and appreciate that you can share both the happy times and the times of grief of heavenly birthdays and missed 50ths. I'm sorry I missed seeing you at the Relief Sale.

  8. Lovely post, Rosella! I'm wondering if I may have sat on that church bench many years ago. My parents also had a church bench on their porch that served a good purpose. Hugs as you remember a 50th that won't be celebrated.

  9. It was good to read your updates, Rosella. Those anniversaries really hit hard. Glad you could enjoy family and babies to fill up some lonely spaces. I'm always in awe of quilts! My second crop of rhubarb is growing fast. Great job on that chair and I love the pew! Love and hugs...

  10. I have to agree with other comments of how I appreciate that you are able to share both the sad and the happy. Celebrating a heavenly birthday must bring so many memories! 💓I can't get over the variation of patterns quilters come up with! I love the navy and sage green combination on the top left. Your green chair also turned out to be a beautiful plant stand.
    Was the shower at your house? So good to be able to host things like this again! Beautiful family atmosphere! Thank you for sharing glimpses of your life.

  11. Your post made me tear up. You have been on a long journey and have dealt with it with grace. God is always a very present help. It will be wonderful to see your daughter's quilt when it is finished...a beauty for sure. I still haven't checked on the rhubarb. 🥴


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