Friday, January 25, 2013

Feel's Better with Butter!

My Winter skin is back - ugh!
Dry and cracked.
I recently used up the last bit of my body butter
and have always wanted
to try making some homemade body moisturizer.
Today was the day!
I purchased some Vitamin E and Shea Butter
to mix with Coconut Oil.

I think I'm in love with this Body Butter!

It's super easy to make, smells wonderful and is costing me
less than the commercial brands that I've been using.

Coconut Oil Body Butter

*1 Cup Coconut Oil – Solid kind
*¼ Cup Shea Butter
2 tsp. Vitamin E Oil
1 tsp. Essential of Oil (optional) – I used Lavender Oil
A few drops of Tea Tree Oil - optional
Combine solids and Oils and whip in stand mixer for 8-10 minutes till light and fluffy.  
Store in air tight jars. 
*No exact measuring required

My stand mixer did all the work while I gathered
up some jars and made the labels.

This batch made 5 small (125 ml) jars 
and the ingredients cost approximately $15.
I think my skin is really going to love this stuff! 
It's true....
Everything does taste feel better with butter!

Till next time .............. are you having Winter skin blues?


  1. How fun...homemade body butter! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  2. Yes, itchy and dry and ugly. I still have some body butter though I don't usually use it. I should make up a batch of this. I should pin it so I don't forget. I think I will! (If you don't mind.)

    1. I don't mind and I don't even know how it's done??? I am so NOT techy


  3. I'll have to share this post with my sister in law that loves to make stuff to put into jars! She also makes her own detergent, etc. I get itchy dry areas here and there year round. Hope your weekend is going well!

  4. I read somewhere we shouldn't put anything on our skin that we're not willing to put in our mouth, so you're definitely on to something, Rosella. Keep warm and buttery soft!

  5. I'm Ellen's SIL, and I do love putting things in jars...I'll be trying this. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Ah...yes...those are the products that I love to schmeer on my body, especially the hands and heels...Shea we come. We need to be good to ourselves after sixty...

  7. Wow - that is something, to make it yourself! I'll bet it feels wonderful.

  8. Good share! I can always tell when we are about to get snow; my skin starts itching like crazy.


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