Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pinch me!

I was so honoured to meet
Lovella and Anneliese,
two of the authors of
The Mennonite Girls Can Cook
Celebrations book
which was launched
at Ten Thousand Villages in Waterloo!

What a thrill!

The celebrations for this beautiful
book started on the weekend in
the Abbotsford, British Columbia area.

Grab a cup of tea, find a cozy chair and
just to mention a few.....

Oh my!!!  I agree with Lovella "The Best Book Launch Ever!"

In addition to the busy weekend
These two beautiful ladies made a two day whirlwind
book signing tour in Ontario 
as well as being on Canada AM on Tuesday 
and taped an interview early this morning
on 100 Huntley Street
which will be aired on Friday, May 10th!

This was all done with such grace and joyfulness!

THANK YOU all for the beautiful flowers,
all of your signatures for my book,
and the kind words and hugs.

My cup is full and overflowing as I celebrate with you!!!!!

The flowers brightened my work space all day 
today and I'm still smiling!!!

Thank you Ruth for coming with me and taking pictures.  Should have taken one of you too!

Till next time ...... still pinching myself and feeling very blessed!!!


  1. Woot! Yay! Yabba Dabba Do! What a fun day you had! (Someday, I'll show you the day I met Lovella and Anneliese, too. I remember it like it was yesterday. ) What sweet flowers!

    1. Well I tried, but now I can't find an email addy... Guess it was not to be.

    2. If you send me an email, I'll send you the links. No pressure, though, only if you want.

  2. YAY! so glad you got to meet them! :) Flowers too!! YAY!!! hopefully someday they will need an "eastern mennonite" author too!
    xoxo Love you! Becky

  3. So glad you could steal away and meet Lovella and Anneliese! Your the best!

  4. So glad it worked out for you all to meet up! We so appreciate your ongoing support...from another part of our country. Enjoy the blooms!

  5. What a treat that must have been for all of you! Isn't it fun to meet blogging friends! I was so happy to see Lovella and Anneliese on Canada AM - this second book is such an accomplishment!

  6. Oh hooray! if ever the MGs make it to the Maritimes, I'll be first in line to have my book signed and picture taken!

  7. OH...why did we not take a photo of you and Ruth? I'm so sorry we didn't do that.
    Rosella...I saved those most delicious mint chocolates for home and we are now just slowly nibbling away on creamy smooth and delicious.
    I so enjoyed seeing you again. It was pure joy to know you would come walking in the door. I would love to do a road trip across Canada to see all our blogging friends.

  8. Rosella, it is so nice to see a photo of you with two of our girls.
    A very nice make me smile:)

  9. Rosella, You are one of our biggest cheer leaders. Everyone needs friends like you that are happy and supportive of people in their adventures. It was a great book launch weekend. I am still trying to recover a week later ;)

  10. I am so glad we could see you again! Thank you for your coming to the signing and for the beautiful gift bag packed with goodies! Your enthusiasm makes me smile!
    I hope you have teh best time coming out to the West Coast this summer! And remember, we'll be ready to meet you if thre is a lull in your plans somewhere.