Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Oriental Rice Bowl Supper

A few days ago,
I went to one of my favourite
specialty grocery stores
to pick up a few things for the
They were serving up a delicious
lunch - rice bowl.
I had to try it so I stood in line
and it was so worth the wait!
The hot rice and meat with
the crunchiness of the cold veggies was
a treat for the senses.

I watched how they assembled
this deliciousness and thought
I'd try it at home....
afterall there were some Thai seasoned
chicken breasts in the freezer,
waiting to be eaten!

There really isn't a recipe
but here are the ingredients:
Hot items:
Warm Rice - I used brown rice
Meat (can be pulled pork, pulled chicken,or beef
cooked and flavoured with Teriyaki or BBQ sauces)
I used chicken breast and Thai seasoning.
Sauted mushrooms
Cold crispy items:
Julienne shredded carrots, zucchini,
 and red peppers
chopped green onion, purple cauliflower,
and sliced radishes
Dressings (any or all of the following):
Sesame Oil - do not omit and use sparingly
Teriyaki Sauce
Hot Sauce (we used Franks)
Soy Sauce - Optional
Put a nice serving of warm rice in the
bottom of the bowl
Top the rice with the mushrooms,
crispy veggies and a scant splash of
sesame oil (a splash of soy sauce too if desired)
Add the meat and dress it
with Teriyaki Sauce and Hot Sauce
Garnish with the radishes,
green onions and a fried egg (optional).
Till next time ............... savour the tastes of the Orient!


  1. Thanks for sharing! It's fun being inspired by something we see elsewhere...and then trying it out at home.

  2. Looks delicious and I'm ready for some dinner so my mouth is watering...

  3. Oh, yeah, this is the kind of meal I could eat every single day. So pretty, too, Rosella!

  4. I think that sounds mighty tasty. What a great flavour combination. The funny thing is I pulled some left over pulled chicken out of the freezer and spent some debating what to do with it. I ended up stuffing more of my abundant gypsy peppers. Supper is nearly ready here.

  5. Mmmmm...sounds good, and I happen to have some leftover pulled pork!

  6. That sounds delicious! And I have all the ingredients - just need some Teriyaki Sauce and I'll be set.

  7. Love the Thai soups! Laugh every time we order a small bowl at our local Thai restaurant . Their small bowl is the size of half a bowling ball. The large is the size of a dish pan! We always take home at least half. Plan to start making Thai soups at home now too!

  8. Sounds so tasty and I would love the crunch factor! You keep on putting out so many great recipes. Always enjoy coming here:) Have a great weekend.

  9. Oh yum, that dish is right up my alley. if I am given a choice of were to go for lunch, I will usually choose a little Vietnamese restaurant for some Pho (soup). They always top up the soup with a bunch of fresh veggies on top. Hmm, another supper idea, thank you Rosella :)


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