Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Do You Yoga Dot Com

It's the first day
of a new Month
and the beginning
of a New Season ...

It's time to "turn a new leaf"

About a month ago,
my daughter mentioned on fb that
she is doing a 30 day yoga challenge.
I decided to check it out
and see if I could do this.

Tonight was the first lesson
So I tuned in to Erin Motz's first lesson
on doyouyoga.com
She's so young and cute - sigh!

I have to say - it felt really good,
that is,
once I found my yoga mat,
figured out how to keep my laptop from
fading out every 3 minutes,
and adjusted the lighting in the room
so the pot lights didn't blind me while
doing the "reverse table top"!

It only took approx. 20 minutes.
Surely I can give 20 minutes a day for the next 30?

Why don't you join me???
It's free and you can start anytime.

Now if only I could lose a few pounds in the process.....who knows?

Till next time .......... Namaste


  1. That sounds like a good idea - but I'd have to figure out where those 20 minutes might be!
    I met a person from your neck of the woods and nearly asked her if she knew you - then realised that I would then be involved in a very strange conversation about how I sort of knew you, sort of really well, even though we've never met!

  2. One thing I know...I've got to do something for 20 minutes a day, maybe even 30 minutes a day. I'm sure your body will appreciate this challenge...

  3. have fun! some of them are less than 20!

  4. She did THAT? Twenty minutes? I'd be there in three hours frozen like a pretzel.

  5. I think I'll stick to walking for now...but thanks for the invitation to your yoga party. Keep us posted as to your progress!

  6. My yoga studio offers 30 challenges, too, but I'm never around for 30 days in a row...darn it. I know you can do it :)

    PS...I hope you can bake something this month to link to Twelve Loaves. It can be a quick bread, muffin or even scones.

  7. Too funny! You will never believe this. I was telling someone that I need to learn to relax more and also mentioned that I need to stretch more....and she suggested I take a yoga class. I came home and looked on line...and it seems that you and me are doing the same 20 minutes a day....with that cute little gal. I guess this is the next best thing to going to a class with you:) I'm not much of one for joining a gym or fitness class. Keep me posted on how you are doing....I'm hoping to limber up a bit.

    1. THIS IS SO GREAT!!!! Yay - so glad you are doing this too.

  8. Now, who is amazing, Rosella? Kudos. I know you'll meet your challenge!

  9. I have joined you, only I have a different version. I group in our neck of the woods, called Chilliwack Health Challenge is for 7 weeks...so each week we get to start all over with our challenges...30 minutes of exercise..five fruits/vegetables/ 8 cups water...and so on. But I dropped off the wagon last week and am slowly coming forward again...It's fun to have those challenges...Yes, I know about those extra pounds.

  10. Hi Rosella,
    Again you have inspired me, I am in! I have signed up and start tomorrow. I am challenging myself to do "something" everyday......before my "big birthday" arrives! I am hoping by than it will become "routine". Although where my computer is located should prove interesting and gives the kids a few chuckles. Talk soon, Nanc

  11. So great Nancy!! Wish you could just drive down the road and do it with me. Let me know how it's going!! Tonight's (Day 3) felt really good - I had trouble on Day 2! Went for a 40 minute walk tonight too - hope I can keep it up for the month of Oct. at least.


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