Monday, November 28, 2016

Chihuly and Teasel

Have you ever heard of Chihuly's Glass Sculptures?
We went to see his exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto
and were blown away (no pun intended).

Such incredible talent and so thankful that we got to see it.

The first time we ever saw any of his work was in Las Vegas 
in the lobby at the Bellagio Hotel - we were amazed.

Then - we saw another piece recently in Nashville in the lobby of the beautiful
Gaylord Opryland Resort.

Here are some pictures from our visit to the R.O.M. yesterday.....

... a perfect way to spend an afternoon with dear friends!
Totally worth the drive to Toronto.

Thanks so much to our friends Karen and Ron,
who told us about this a few months ago.

Wouldn't it be fun to travel the world to discover all the Chihuly installations!!!?

Meanwhile back at the homestead I got busy today,
(inspired by Chihuly?)
(nice weather?)
to get my outside Christmas decorating done.

The teasel, dogwood, and greens were snipped and before I knew it,
the containers and window boxes were filled.

Now to start on the inside decor - what will inspire me for this?

Till next time .... don't miss an opportunity to be inspired.


  1. will definitely have to come to Chihuly's home state and see his museums in Tacoma and Seattle. He was born in Tacoma. Open invitation to stay here! Your outdoor spaces look great. I'm talking myself into bringing the boxes down from the attic and get-ur-done.

    1. Another amazing reason to travel to Seattle!!!! Wish my cellar was as organized as your attic ... hope you post some pictures of your progress.

  2. Yes, I have definitely heard of him. My New York niece once aspired to such greatness until all that glass blowing was ruining her beautiful mouth. No kidding! That is hard work. Incredibly beautiful work and I would love to see it in person. When our week of rain is over, I hope to do some tipping. Maybe I should just buy a Christmas tree and tip from that. Your arrangements look terrific!

  3. I love Chihuly's art. Our Children's Mueseum has a huge multi-story sculpture in their atrium---it's magical! We've seen his work in Vegas and Phoenix, too. Decorating starts here this weekend! Love what you've done!!!

  4. I've seen some of Chihuly's art and I agree it is beautiful. I also love your new background picture. Have fun decorating. I am just getting started, too. It is a busy, but fun season.

  5. Definitely worth a drive to Toronto! Beautiful. Let us know when you come to Seattle to see more Chihuly glass. :) Love all your decor! You just gave me an idea. I have one of those cone-shaped trellis things that I will cover with lights!

  6. Such fascinating and beautiful works of art!! I love all of your outdoor decor...your own works of art!

  7. This reminds me visiting Murano Island in Italy to see the glass formations being made. The artists are so talented! I love your window boxes filled like that! It looks so welcoming!

  8. Wow - the sculptures are magnificent - as are your greenery sculptures!


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