Monday, January 23, 2017

Sew Blah ....

The January Blahs have set in ...

Instead of bright snowy days over here, we have been having
unusually dreary, mild and muddy weather!

"Sew" why not do some sewing ...

There were a few unfinished projects calling my name in my sewing stash!

Finished this "quilt as you go" project that I started last May - eek!

I think it will be great as an extra blanket in the RV trailer and also
as a wrap on cool summer evenings on our back deck.

It took about 3 spools of thread but the great thing is that it's completely
quilted when it's done.

Even before the quilt was done I was already planning my next project.
I need to learn to actually finish things before my mind wanders to the next one.

My nephew and his wife just had a sweet baby girl a few weeks ago
and I could hardly wait to start this flannelette rag quilt for little Kate!

It only took a few days and was so much fun to make - again a quilt as you go project.
Hope she likes it.

O.K. one more project to finish - I've almost forgotten how dreary and blah it is outside.

This is a free snowman table runner
pattern and fabric from a local
"shop hop"
before Christmas which also needs to be finished,
even tho' Christmas is long over.

It isn't finished yet - I'm experimenting with
free-hand machine quilting - a technique I'd love to master.

Clearly, as you can see, much more
practice is needed.
Question is - will this get finished
before next Christmas???
Time will tell.

Needless to say, I have a package of beautiful fabric that 
was recently delivered with a quilt or two in mind ....

Maybe the January Blahs aren't so blah after all.

Till next time - what projects are you finishing, starting or hoping to do this Winter?


  1. You are making the most of your dreary weather by being creative and productive . . . and chasing away those "blahs" as you go! Lovely creations, and I am certain that the little girl (and her family) will treasure that beautiful quilt!

  2. That 'quilt as you go' project is just is the rag quilt for baby Kate! You are making the most of the January blahs.

  3. All so lovely and good job . I have been re-organizing cupboards in this mucky gloomy dreary weather and planning a raised veggie garden for this summer . I hope to see the sunshine soon I so do miss sunny days for sure. Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

  4. Wonderful work Rosella. You are talented. I love that quilt you finished. The contrast in the colors you chose are pleasing to my eye. Happy projects to you! Hope you get some sunshine, too.

  5. What beautiful things you have been creating! The snowman looks great to me! The quilt for the new baby is so feminine and lovely and the larger quilt has fabulous colors. I returned to the sewing room for the first time this week in many months. I have been making bowl cozies. Nothing as exciting as you've been doing. (Our weather has been similar to yours...blah def describes it! )

  6. I love the colors and fabrics in the first quilt, and the one you made for the baby is just the sweetest! The snowman is adorable, and I'm sure you will master the technique, although it looks fabulous to me. I wish I could say I've been productively working on projects, but, I can't seem to get motivated this winter to do anything!

  7. Those quilts are beautiful! Your niece is one lucky girl to receive a gift that has love written all over it.It reminds me of Valentines. Your free hand machine quilting is quite something. I've never heard of that. My January project has been a Shutterfly photo album. I finally just finished 2013 as I try to do one a year.... you can see I have some catching up to do... but babies and recipe books have taken up my Januaries for several years now I think.

  8. Oh, my gosh, you are so talented! I love, love all 3 projects. Such lucky recipients!!

  9. Such beauty, each and ever item.
    I'm happy to have stumbled upon your beautiful place here and look forward to following along with you.

    Blessings ♡

  10. Great work Rosella! I smiled a the snowman runner ; that is from Esther's shop. My sister-in law- took me there last winter and I have ordered several projects from her . I smiled to see the runner and know of the place .Enjoy the stitching and a big wave from the west coast of B.C. ; Vancouver Island to be exact!!

  11. Great work Rosella! I smiled at the mention of the shop hop and seeing the runner. That's Esther's shop, my dear sister-in-law took me to see the shop last winter when we visited New Hamburg.Esther sent the pattern when I ordered several projects from her store. Enjoy your stitching and a big wave from Vancouver Island.

  12. Thanks Debbie and Sharon for your kind comments. For some reason bloodspot put your comments into my "waiting to be moderated" file and I didn't see this till today.
    Sharon - I did finish that snowman runner and I know Esther quite well. She has a charming shop. I am now working on an art quilt and can't wait to finish it and post a picture (maybe within a year or two - lol).


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