Thursday, May 10, 2018

Too many Flower Beds?

Sprung into Summer ...

Barely has it felt like Spring but suddenly it feels like Summer,
Glorious Summer!

The too many flower beds were in desperate need of work.
Perhaps it was due to some galavanting around Italy last Fall and not
properly putting things to bed?

The "before" is in the wheelbarrow. Forgot to take a picture - oops.

More "after" of this 
front corner rail fence bed.
Things are popping up nicely
even though it seems 
ever so late this year.

I think we have too many flower beds!

This time I remembered to take a before picture of this side of the rail fence.
Do you see what I mean about them being in really bad shape?

Awww - that looks a bit better.

Except for the bunny chewed
Canada 150 tulips.
They must have tasted better than
the other ones?
I don't think we'll be seeing any red and white blooms this year.

Mulched with the farmer's help and ready to enjoy!

Front Flower beds - after weeding.

Patio and Herb beds at the back of the house.

I do enjoy gardening but there may be a few too many beds
for this old gal to keep up with?

I had a sweet helper for one of the days ....

Next will be the vegetable garden ... it's just a tad too early
but the rhubarb is giving a nice show so far.
Some has been picked and is ready to be made into muffins and a fresh pie for Mother's Day.

I was thankful to have this sauna on our back deck this week.
It seemed to help these old aching muscles.

Did I mention that I think we have too many flower beds?
I really can't complain - it is rewarding and good for me.

Till next time .... enjoying these blessed days and the privilege of gardening on this old farm!!!

Proud Big Sista.
Nammies joy!


  1. All of your hard work is paying off with those lovely beds!

    Awww . . . love the photo of your darling grands! Isn't it amazing how the "baby" starts looking so much older once the new baby arrives?! How does that happen?

  2. Whoa! That's a lot of work and things look beautiful! Well done. Glad you have that sauna! Love the sista and little brother sweet. Enjoy your beautifully cleaned up beds and fresh flowers. I know you'll be enjoying your beautiful grands! A very happy Mother's Day weekend to you.

  3. Oh what a sweet parting photo! Your little granddaughter is so tickled with him!

    That is a lot of flower beds! Perhaps you can enlist some help...I am still puttering with my front one and must wait because the bees do not like me.

    So sorry about your beautiful tulips...dastardly rabbit! They are up here, but no tulip stem, just leaves. It has been cold.

    Pace yourself, my Friend.

  4. It is looking most beautiful over there! Now sit back and enjoy. Does that ever happen? Love to see your little garden helper...and that last pic of the two of them is very sweet.

    It seems summer arrived here without much notice as well...and I'm still catching up with 'spring yardwork'. I can identify with your pondering about whether maybe you have too many flower beds? But it is always worth it once the work is done!

  5. Oh, you've worked hard and it shows! I love the freshly cleaned up beds! Too bad about your tulips. Your grandgirlie is so cute holding her baby brother!

  6. I'm envious of all your beautiful beds! WE're doing some major excavation in our back yard, and it will be years before I get everything the way I want. But I'll try to be patient, LOL. What a precious photo of your grandchildren!! Such a blessing!! xo


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