Monday, August 7, 2017

Platz Therapy

I finally made some platz!
The peaches on the back porch were ripening rapidly and needed to be used.

Platz - Peach Platz (I love saying that)
was calling out to me and I've always wanted to try making this.

Of course, the only recipe I needed was Lovella's
and it is a winner!
This recipe was posted 9 years ago, even before I knew about the
I enjoyed reading the comments on this past post.

What a blessing they have been to me on so many levels!

Since my last post on July 13th - SO much has taken place.

Huge Amish Sale
Annual Family Picnic at the Freeman's Pond

A few days of camping with dear friends!

Sunsets at my favourite Lake Huron!

A new baby great niece was born - Maia Star (can't wait to meet her)

A new little neighbour was born - Jack (can't wait to meet him)

Vee, a favourite blogger friend has decided to stop blogging.
I understand her need to do this and sometimes it makes me think this might
be what I should consider as well?

And all the while ...... actually since mid-May
I've been fighting a very nasty virus that just keeps rearing it's ugly head
in different ways.
This includes intense congestion, constant coughing fits, pink eye,
loss of smell and taste senses, angry rashes, fever, low energy levels, and weakness.

In one way my wish to slow down the summer days has been fulfilled,
however, not in quite the way I had expected.
After two visits to the emergency dept. and several doctors appointments I 
feel like I'm finally seeing some improvement.

I am thankful to be feeling a bit better and am determined to regain my health.

Baking a peach platz today gave me some much needed "baking therapy"
and it feels good to once again be inspired to cook and enjoy eating.

Thank you Lovella for this tried and true recipe, one that I hope to make often!

In the meantime, our little love bug turned Two. 
We love her so much ... there are no words!

Papa's little love!

Till next time - August blessings to you all!

My August chalkboard message!


  1. That looks like delicious therapy, Rosella!! I am glad that you felt well enough to bake a little, but I continue to pray that you fully recover. What a rough spring/summer this has been for you! Your list of symptoms is awful!

    I can't believe that your little darling is TWO already! Oh, how quickly they grow! I know that she is a wonderful blessing to your family!

    (Please don't stop blogging!)

  2. the idea of peach platz. And how good for you to feel like baking after the siege you've been under.

    Don't give up your blog easily or lightly, Rosella. You have worked hard to create this lovely place in Blogdom.

    Your granddaughter already two makes me shake my head...time just keeps zipping along.

    Praying that you feel better and better every day...

  3. 2 already!! How can that be? What a sweet photo with her papa. Love it. I'm so sorry to hear about your health issues but I'm glad to hear you improved enough to make platz! Now that I know I'll pray for continued healing and that you are tip top soon! I'm with Cheryl...keep the blogging connection alive. :)

  4. I am sorry you have been under the weather. It is not fun to have the lack of energy that comes from infection, but your dessert looks delicious. Peaches are one of my favorites. Enjoy that sweet little grand!

  5. Your peach platz looks yummy! So sorry that you have been 'under the weather' this summer. I'm sure that was not how you had wanted to slow down! Your granddaughter is two already? Happy birthday to your sweet munchkin!

  6. I'm so sorry that you've been sick. I thought one or two weeks was bad, but when it drags out you forget what it feels like to feel good. Hope you get well soon! That Platz looks delicious and is probably all gone! Keep blogging .. how else could we stay in touch?

  7. Sorry to hear that you have been under the weather, Rosella, and hope that you continue to feel better and stronger. Peach platz - another term I've never heard, but it sure looks delicious. I'm going to check out the recipe.

  8. Ugh, no fun to be ailing for so long. Glad you're starting to feel better! Your peach platz looks fabulous---I need to check out the recipe!


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