Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Lock Down Days

Lock Down on the move ...

January 15, 2021 was an epic day for us,
as we picked up the keys for our "new to us" house!

With measuring tape and camera in hand we explored this
place we will soon call home.

A new chapter ... for the farmer and his wife.

The China Cabinet was one 
of the first things emptied and packed.

It has been carefully moved from
the farm house to it's new home
by the farmer and his son-in-law.

Thank you for successfully moving
this tricky piece of furniture.
Mom would be proud!

A sneak peek into our new house

The dining area was a bit too snug to fit in the china cabinet
but I think it will look nice here on this wall.
She's been restocked, minus a few purged pieces.
It is just so hard to know what to keep and what to edit out ...

The farm house kitchen will be hard to leave behind
but this one will be equally as functional
(even though I may need to invest in a taller step ladder to reach some of those cupboards)
My 5'2" stature will only reach a bit above the fridge - eek!
The island stools are on order but may take till April to arrive.

In fact, any new furniture and appliances are going to take months 
to be on order during this pandemic back-log!
We need to be patient and just use our old stuff ...
nothing wrong with that and it's not important considering the whole scheme of things
during this trying time.

It will be so much fun shopping in store again to choose area carpets,
furniture, linens, decor items, and such.
Or, perhaps it will be realized how many things we actually don't need !?

One of our favourite things about this place is the backyard view.

A large city retaining pond giving many opportunities for skating, bird watching, and enjoying the seasons

Here's our absolute favourite view so far:

We are excited about this place and hope to be moved by end of February.
This will give ample time for the farm house to get a face lift before our wee
family makes their move!

We couldn't be more happy to know that our precious grandchildren will
grow up on the farm we have loved for these past 42 years!

Speaking of the lock down, our little Noa shows up cheerfully each day
for her on-line schooling.

What a change it's been for all the school children, teachers and their families!
We enjoy the instagram and text message pictures of this process ...

In the meantime, stay well, stay safe, and stay positive. We WILL get through this and roar into the 20s!


  1. I got my wish . . . peeks at your new house! It is lovely already and is certain to become even more so as you put your warm, homey touches through and through! We're all learning patience during these challenging times, aren't we? Hope your furniture and appliances arrive in a timely fashion. I love your view to the back, but yes, you have the best view there in front of the fireplace!

    Exciting times for you and your husband and for your daughter's family too!

  2. What fun...the glimpses into your new spaces look great. The kitchen looks so user friendly. Love your user triangle, the space between your fridge, sink and oven! Your dear grands in front of your new fireplace make it just right. Sweet!. How wonderful that your farm will be in the family for years to come! Blessings!!

  3. Oh, how I love this! Your words resonate with so much of what we've experienced this past year. I love that you can move things in slowly now. It looks beautiful already ane I know you will have fun making it "yours". Getting stools, area rugs, lamps, linens, towels, wall decor and hanging your own photos - it's so much fun! I did end up being very thankful for Wayfair Shopping. Light fixtures especially. Do you have a Homesense there? We picked up several rugs just before they closed in Spring and I was to happy to have them when we moved in May. I stopped shopping for a bit and started looking for a few things online again - just got two small area rugs delivered this month and they both look great.
    The purge feels good, but yesterday I was looking for my small tiered stand and couldn't find it. I guess that's gone. =)
    All the best and keep posting. I love that your grands are going to be living in the old farmhouse.

  4. I'm so excited with you! I can imagine all the mixed emotions. I'll be excited to see how you find homes for your treasures and as you add in a few new touches. Soon this place will be filled with memories. Have fun along the way. Love seeing those kiddos sitting there together.

  5. Well, I missed this sneak peak into your new home and by now you are likely all moved in. It will be lovely! I totally understand about the wait for new furniture, etc. We just painted the inside of our house and have now ordered new living room furniture...but have to wait until September. Love the pic of your grands all settled in and cozy!

  6. Your new home is wonderful and you will create all the "feelings" of home as you move forward. Love seeing the grands sitting there before the fire. Yay! A fire. Looking forward to seeing how you have moved in and set up home when you are ready. Nosy friends want to know!


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