Saturday, March 13, 2021

Spring 2021 - New Beginnings

It's been one month now and we are beginning to feel "at home"
Still waiting for furniture and such
but some "old things" have found a new life and that includes us!

Once we toned down all the bright cool blue light bulbs,
it all started to feel cozy and comfy.
Do you prefer bright cool tone lights or warm lower watt lighting?

Walk out basement awaits furnishings.

The unfinished room downstairs has been renovated and
is a great room for all the extras (including the extra wall units)
and has been dubbed the "games room".
We are so glad we went ahead and did this reno before moving in.

The backyard frozen pond sounds of skaters and children has,
almost overnight, changed to the honking sounds of Canada geese.

The glorious sun and mild winds (not so mild today however) have rapidly melted the piles of snow
and signs of Spring are popping up.

I can't wait to see what else pops up!

Lenten roses - I've been trying to grow these on the farm forever.
Now I have some here in my front garden!

Evening privacy blinds are on order but the daytime views are so lovely.

New routines of daily walks
and old routines of healthy starts to the day
are giving us some much needed normality.

Preparing my table and heart for Easter!

Many boxes remain unpacked but the essentials have
been placed in the spacious cupboards and closets
of this house that is becoming our home.

In the meantime, our soon to be farm kids continue to bring us so much joy.
She lost her first tooth recently and he is growing like a weed!

On this one year anniversary of Covid 19, we are thankful for our health and 
for our front-line workers and health care providers.
This has been a year like no other on so many levels!

Till next time ... praying that you are all doing well and staying the course. There is hope ...



  1. So exciting . . . so lovely! It is wonderful to see these glimpses of your new home-sweet-home! Yes, I most certainly do recognize the first picture that you hung. It's one of my favorites!

    Your farm kids look very happy. And your granddaughter has lost a tooth?! Wasn't she just born? I think so!

  2. Everything looks fabulous! Warm tones are always better than cool blue tones for me. 🙂 The grandchildren are growing like weeds. And spring is on the way! Yes, there is always hope, even on the darkest day, because of Who He is.

  3. What fun to see some of your spaces. It looks very nice and comfortable. Love seeing the grands at the counter enjoying their meal. A missing tooth already!! It certainly has been a year like none other. Blessings!

  4. So nice to see it all coming together and looking so homey! I'm with you when it comes to lighting...always favouring the warm white lights over the bright blue-toned. So nice to see your grands with their big smiles enjoying the farm house!

  5. I've been waiting for this! I can so feel with you about making a new place feel like home. It looks lovely there! There's something about a fresh start that feels good. I love the view of the pond!


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