Sunday, June 20, 2021

And then Came June

 June has arrived and here we are already on the eve of the Solstice!

The Spring flowers have bloomed
and I snagged some peony buds from the farm to bloom in July (hopefully).

I did this experiment once before and am trying it again.
Will let you know if this works.

Newspaper wrapped soft buds and then refrigerated 

Farm blooms

Our long awaited bedroom suite arrived and the quilt has found it's home!
This king size bed was worth the wait - who knew we'd ever have such luxury?

Focaccia sourdough bread is my new favourite treat.
Love sharing this with my family and using herbs from my little snipping garden.

Strawberry Season has arrived and these sweet beauties have been
served as fresh pies and on simple bowls of vanilla ice-cream.
What's not to love!

I make these every year and love having
baked pie shells on hand.

This is simply made with crushed fresh strawberries, thickened with instant clear-gel and sugar,
topped with fresh sliced strawberries whipped cream (and a few optional mint leaves).

So easy and always delicious.

48 years was celebrated at a recently opened patio.
It was lovely to have dinner served on plates rather than in a to-go box!
So glad we are slowly reopening over here ... 
We actually "dressed up" for the occasion in clothing that haven't been worn
for many months.
However, this is the only picture I took!

Got a bit of my quilting mojo back by making this simple rag quilt
for a sweet little girl across the street who just recently lost her dad!
It seemed to be the only way I could give her a warm hug ... 

So excited that the "moon flowers" have survived the move and
are starting to bloom.
My snipping garden is growing gang busters and the kale is amazing.

It seems any recent joys have been tempered with the sobering discovery
of the unmarked grave of 215 children at a residential school in our country!
Our patriotic "glowing hearts" are feeling tinged and just a bit dimmer.
So much sadness ...

This is our happy spot as we enjoy the warm weather, watch the life giving rains roll in,
soak up the sunshine, and watch the world go by.

The storms of life are warmed with hope and gratitude as our Lord
watches over us this Father's Day!
We are blessed beyond understanding to have had godly fathers here
on earth who watched over us and loved us.
Till we meet again ...

Till next time - Happy Father's Day and welcome to summer 2021!


  1. What a lovely post, Rosella . . . full of beauty, gratitude, and hope. Glad you're enjoying your new bedroom suite. Your focaccia is a work of art! And I'd love to join you on your lovely porch and have a long chat . . .

    1. Oh how I wish it were so!! A long chat would be so welcome...

  2. Cheryl is right—the focaccia bread is a work of art. Absolutely stunning. You have been enjoying time in the kitchen I see making all sorts of delights.

    The luxury of a new bedroom suite with a king sized must be so comfortable.

    What a sweet thing to do for the little girl across the street. Such a sad thing for her to bear. I am sure the cozy quilt will be a blessing for her.

    The garden looks so lush.

    (I had not heard of the horrible is so "not news" these days. I am sorry for the collective sorrow of such a thing.)

  3. And how could I forget to say Happy Anniversary! 🌿🥂🌿

  4. I really need to remember to try that Peony trick next year. Happy 48th anniversary to the two of you. Your bedroom set is so pretty. I love it and also your outdoor set of furniture to watch the world go by. Your have been very productive. Those bread loaves are a work of art, and those strawberry pies, yum! Blessings...

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  6. Your bedroom looks beautiful - and I know the feeling of being spoiled to have a king size bed after all these years. I love how you are able to use your quilting skills to bring comfort. Happy Anniversary and may God bless you with many more years of health and joy in Him. Precious gifts that really matter most.

  7. It looks good over there, Rosella...from the blooms and the baking to the beautiful bedroom! Love your quilt! Wishing you two a belated happy anniversary and many more wonderful years together!


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