Monday, July 19, 2021

July Joys

 The joy of sultry lazy summer days ...

Sunning Sully - perfect example!

Sourdough baking

(aka - heating up the kitchen)

Giving an old chair a new wings ...

Easy fix - slip cover ordered online

Yummy summer salads ....

Directly from my sun dappled raised garden ... borage for the win. 

New to me daylilies ... thank you former owner!

Mom's quilt stands coming in handy ...

And "sew/quilt" it begins ...

Striving for smaller stitches - eek! This project might take me another year?

Time spent with this little farmer ...

tractor fixin'

And then, this happened ...
she turned 6!!!!

Love her SO much.

Pictures by her momma

And these ...

The ultimate joy of finally having a summer family gathering

The traditional summer family gathering at the Freeman Farm pond!
It just isn't summer without this.

Celebrating some special twin 65th birthdays, walks down the lane, and so much delicious food!

These are the best of July's Joys.

Hope you are en"joy"ing this renewed spirit of summer 2021.

Sent to us from their vacation at the cottage ... perfection!

Until next time ... love to all and joyful summer days ahead!


  1. SIX????! How can that be?? She's so sweet and inquisitive. Such a joy for you. Looks like you're keeping busy---that sourdough is gorgeous!

  2. Six!!! I see I'm not the only one shocked. Beautiful photos of her in the fields. Love it. Your sourdough loaves are a work of art. Cute photo of Sully! Happy July to you and yours!

  3. And love back to you! Beautiful birthday photos and that last one with the dog chillin' is great!

  4. Certainly, this July is different from last July! I am happy to see so many joys in your world! A six-year-old and a happy celebration . . . a family gathering . . . simple moments . . . Sully sunning . . . and that gorgeous sourdough . . . so many reasons to rejoice!

  5. Lots of joy in your July, especially those pics of the grands!

  6. Beautiful pic’s of your sweet six year old! The years just fly by! Summer is looking lovely in your corner! Isn’t it nice to be able to ‘gather’ again?


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