Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Seeing Red

 In the good sense of the word, RED!


and, they couldn't be nicer this year ...

I don't remember ever having such nice big tomatoes - these are sitting on top of 
the stewed tomatoes that are in quart jars to show you the size of them.
Becky and I planted them at the farm and it's a bumper crop for sure.

We stewed,

We froze,

We salsa-ed

We relish-ed

Mom's Fruit Relish - click to link to recipe

And, there are still many more tomatoes to preserve - eek!
More salsa?!
I actually never made salsa and never really liked homemade, however,
we found this recipe on-line and it is really quite good.
It includes tomato paste in the recipe and I think this gives it a wonderful layer of flavour.
We followed the recipe - included all the jalapeno seeds and
the only thing I did different was add 1/2 Cup of Sugar and added a bit
of thickening at the very end of the boil (2 tsp. cornstarch mixed with 1 Tbsp. of water). 

which is very similar but with some extra special ingredients like cilantro and cumin.

Do you have a favourite salsa recipe?

Some other random reds ...

In front of the famous Stratford Festival Theatre

With my favourite chauffeur

The "classic" red Adirondack chairs
assembled and ready to grace the
fire pit, once it gets put in place.

A fun day out with our friends
to Goderich.
Always love seeing the beautiful lighthouse there.

My struggling dahlias - need to find a better spot for them next Spring.

Happy zinnias at the farm

Thankful for the drenching rains (tomato wash)

In other news:

A wee bit of decorating has been completed here at the "city" house:

I've been making use of my mom's old crocks in new ways.
By adding some glass circles they make fine patio tables.
Always have loved using the smaller ones for my kitchen counter items. 
I can recall my mother sharpening her knives on these old crocks.

A new "old" cabinet/side board for cookbooks, table cloths, kitchen linens, etc. 
As you can tell, I am having such trouble shaking the old farm house style.
You can move her to the city but you can't take the country out of the farmer's wife, I guess?

A bit of kitchen window treatment - so the neighbours don't need to see
me constantly at the kitchen sink - lol!

Slowly getting things on the walls and actually taking the time to look
at some artwork - stay tuned.

By the way ...
Have you been following Lovella Schellenberg on instagram?
If not - you should!
Check out her instagram account @lovellaschellenberg
Lovella is a co-author of Mennonite Girls Can Cook blog and cookbooks 
and everything she makes is truly awesome and delish.

She has been posting some fun baking tutorials
This peach pie and pie dough one is not to be missed.
I had to make it right away!

Possibly the best peach pie I've ever tasted!

A farm sunset picture as we were driving out the lane.
I posted it on our local TV station Weather Watcher site and it was selected
for the noon hour news picture the next day.

How is everyone out there? 
Is your garden bountiful this year?
Are you able to stay cool during the many heat waves?
Are things beginning to feel a bit more normal with Pandemic restrictions easing somewhat?

We are living in a very uncertain world these days.
It was a very difficult week for me ... I lost my BFF in Canal Flats, BC

Such a very helpless feeling - there really are no words!

She was the funniest and sweetest friend anyone could ever have.
Her motto was always - "sing and dance" "pray but don't worry" and she lived her life to the fullest.
May you rest in peace in God's loving arms dear friend ... Nonie!
Deepest sympathies to your precious family ... you will be sorely missed and loved forever.
My heart is broken!

Till next time, stay safe, stay cool, stay humble and kind.


  1. So very sorry for the loss of your dear friend. 🕊

    Oh my! What beautiful red tomatoes 🍅! My daughter brought me two from her garden because I didn't grow any this year. You might have so much canning that you won't have to grow any next year. Anyway, I am looking forward to supper.

    Your Beloved is looking so good. Ongoing prayers.

    Golly, you asked a boatload of questions...

    Salsa—like it, but don't love it. My favorite is my daughter-in-law's

    Take the country out of the farmer's wife—why would we want to do that? She's doing a fine job of creating a lovely home.

    How is everyone out there? I don't know about everyone, but I am fine.
    Is your garden bountiful this year? My flower garden did okay, but I gave up on a vegetable garden.
    Are you able to stay cool during the many heat waves? Love the air conditioner.
    Are things beginning to feel a bit more normal with Pandemic restrictions easing somewhat? Not here. Though our numbers are flat, we have a governor who enjoys making mandates.

    P.S. Henri was a nothing burger except for the humid, hot tropical air.

  2. So sorry for the loss of your dear friend. So sweet to know she's with the Lord. You have been busy with those tomatoes. That peach pie looks delicious. Glad you are getting more and more settled. Love the red adirondack chairs! Blessings.

  3. Oh, Rosella, I am very sorry to hear of your loss. A true friend is such a treasure, and I am sure you will miss her greatly. Thankful for the hope of Heaven!

    It has been a very busy summer here . . . not very productive in the literal sense, but full of people and memory-making.

    Off to find Lovella on IG . . .

  4. I am so sorry that you lost your dear friend! May all the good memories of her bring you comfort...'until you meet again'.

    You have been busy canning tomatoes...to until next year. Here's my question...were you able to find enough lids? My canning has a ground to a halt as wide mouth lids are not to be found!

    Love all the red...the car, the chairs and all the tomatoes! But your peach pie sure looks good too!

  5. Wow! Your summer has been full, dear friend and you do not need to apologize for being a cournty girl in the city. That old sideboard and the vintage crocks, with their memories are beatuiful! Such a great tomato harvest for you ... and all the foods you can make. Sounds like so much work! How I'd love to sit at your table! I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend! So many times, joy and sadness go side by side.
    May God's comfort be near.


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