Wednesday, November 30, 2022

November's End

November 14 came and went.
I am thankful that I decided not to stay in bed that day...
Encouragement came from my in-laws to gather for coffee
and then to visit the graveside. 
After lunch with some very dear friends I felt the relief of
"getting through this day".

Later that evening, Becky and I had our first of 6 weekly 
watercolour painting classes.
A nice way to end the day.

Watercolour art is hard ... not sure I'll ever "get it".

Snow came rather unexpectedly near the end of this month
and brought with it the feeling of Christmas.
There were many Christmas Craft Markets one could attend and this
special night market at the Tom Patterson Theatre was so beautiful!
A crisp and energizing walk from my home ...

Regardless of the shopping opportunities however, 
my Christmas shopping is yet unfinished.
Most items that I need are still to be made or ordered online.
I just can't face the malls ... am I the only one?

A gingerbread train was created.
This was made from a kit purchased at Walmart.
Best tip I ever received was to hot glue the gingerbread pieces together 
instead of trying to stick them together with royal icing!!!
It's not all that edible anyway.
But, everytime I looked back - a few more gumdrops were missing - a mystery??!!

A really fun thing my friend Carolyn and I did was to complete making
sweet little bags from my bridesmaid dress worn 50 years ago at our mutual
friend's wedding!
Don't ask me how many 50 or almost 50 year old bridesmaid's dresses I have 
hanging in my closet - eek!
Carolyn is a confident sewer and offered to help me make them ...

This is us 50 years ago!!!


We boldly cut into the dress and the velvet over-dress/jumper,
using the dress as lining for the bags and the velvet for the outer fabric.
The velvet is just beautiful and I plan to save some of the pieces for the crazy quilt  
that is on my sewing bucket list.

Carolyn made 3 of these for us!

This one is for Lynn's Granddaughter!

I just love mine - my "theatre bag"

Happiest Anniversary Lynn and Jim!!

So glad to give this to Lynn this morning and to be back home while the snow and
wind rages outside AND while my furnace works again!

And so - November ends ...
My heart is getting ready for the Advent Season and for

Till next time ... wishing you many blessings as we head into the Christmas season.


  1. It's wind and rain here. Your snow looks pretty. Are you saying that your furnace has been down in this cold weather? I am glad that it is up and at'em now.

    That anniversary date is always a bit rough. I am very pleased to read of all the support you had through the day.

    What a fabulous project with the beautiful velvet. The evening bag is lovely. Looks like the perfect fabric for a Christmas dress for your little granddaughter and a Christmas vest for your grandson. Don't I have big ideas for other folks?! LOL.

    A blessed December to you and yours. 🎄

    1. Vee - my furnace was just down for about 24 hours so I was O.K. Too bad I was so skinny 50 years ago because then there would be more fabric to work with - lol!

  2. A hard anniversary for sure. Sounds like the trip to the cemetery was good for you. Hugs. Those bags are so lovely. What a fun idea. I've seen so many gingerbread houses fall apart, superglue sounds like a good idea. December blessings to you.

  3. Prayers for you in the loss of your husband last year....
    What a good idea to use the fabric for the bags! They are beautiful!!!

  4. I feel a sense of relief for you to have come this far ... alone with God. I can only imagine it's been a year of still trying to convince yourself that he is not coming back. I'm sad for you but encouraged by your example of God's grace in your life.
    Those bridesmaid dress bags are so pretty! Wishing you many special moments of joy and feeling hugged and comforted by circumstances, words, and the love of those around you.

  5. Thankful that you had friends and family there with you on November14th. The gravestone is lovely. Hugs:) Those bags are beautiful! What a great idea. Definitely a 'theater bag'!


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