Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Happy New Year!

A Fresh New Year!!! 

The tree and Christmas decor has been tucked away ...
the Christmas Snow Storm has melted ...
the Christmas baking, caramel popcorn and chocolate has showed up on my hips ...
but all in all - I look forward to this shiny new year of 2023.

2022 ended on such a very sad note.
One of the Farmer's very best friends,
his college room mate, his fishing buddy, his best man at our wedding,
travel mate, and all around dear friend,
joined him in heaven on December 21st.
Almost exactly one year apart!
His wife, my friend from as far back as high school, and I are stunned
that this is even real!
God must have a plan in all of this ...

December had it's very blue notes but the warm light
has begun to show through the brokenness.

The children's programs at church and at school were delightful.
(he's looking for us behind the letter "G" - so cute)

Survived the biggest storm of the year on Christmas Eve Day and 
Christmas Day.
I realized that this was the first time in all of my years to spend alone on those very days.
I was OK though, and remained extra thankful that I was safe at home and
had a warm cozy place to be!
No one was going anywhere till Boxing Day
when we all came together once again.

And then, suddenly it seemed NYE was on our doorstep.
What a pleasure and treasure it was to spend this special weekend with
the Leis clan at our nephew's beautiful northern Ontario cottage.
Just the very best way to begin this new year ...

This place is remarkable and so peaceful ...
We were literally blessed into a new year!

And then one more trip around the sun for this old gal.
We celebrated at "Swish" (aka Swiss Chalet).

Candy Floss on the cupcake - perfection!

Life is as good as we make it!
The Lord has been so good to me all of my days ...
I continue to live with the intention of being thankful and joyful.
Living my best life over here.

Here's to 2023 y'all!

Till next time ... Letting the light come in through the cracks!


  1. Rosella, I am so sorry that the year ended on a sad note with the loss of your husband's dear friend. Death is such an unwelcome intruder . . . our final enemy. So thankful that our Lord conquered death!

    Your grandson looking for you in the audience is the dearest thing! It sounds like you had some wonderful moments during the Christmas season and your NYE weekend with family must have been delightful!

    Happiest of birthdays to you! Indeed, the Lord has been good. He is so rich in mercy! Blessings in the New Year!


  2. You are showing many examples of letting the light shine in, Rosella. Gorgeous light...

    Sorry for your friend's great loss.

    The grands are so cute and your grandson's "binoculars" are a fun memory. Hope he found you.

    What a marvelous family gathering at your nephew's cabin. It's some place! That you were all together as the New Year began is such a gift.

  3. And a very happy new year to you! Sorry for the loss of your friend. And so sorry that you were alone tor Christmas. Thankful that you could ring in the new year with family!

    My December also had it joys and sorrows…and a snow blizzard! We lost a lifelong friend on Christmas Day. And we had a big blizzard a few days earlier.

  4. So sorry that you too lost a life long friend this Christmas. Your comment came up as anonymous and I'm not sure who you are but thank you anyway for stopping by.


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