Monday, April 24, 2023


 Our blue eyed sweet boy turns 5 today!

A fun day celebrating with his school buddies at 
"Your Way to Play"

Today - we will see him for his super hero birthday supper.

The cake is ready to go ...

His mommy and daddy have planned a wonderful celebration
Bless you and keep you sweet always my little love, Sully!

You are loved - more than you can ever know.

Until next time ... feeling the sting of the second round of special days without my beloved Jim.

A quick update:

Such a sweet super hero boy!

Three days later was his Popa's 2nd birthday in heaven


  1. Awesome super power cake! Happy #5 to Sully! Fun theme for the party. My heart goes out to you as you go through the sting of separation. Hugs.

  2. Where have the years gone? Happy 5th to your sweet blue-eyed boy!

  3. Happy Birthday to your sweet boy! His birthday will always make you think of your Jim, not that you need a reminder, but while you celebrate one here, you celebrate dear memories of his Papa's life in another way. The cake is perfect! Your beautiful daughter looks like you.


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