Saturday, November 26, 2011

Decoration Favourites.....

Its "Hockey Night in Canada" and I have just finished doing most of my decorating. Between now and Christmas I'll probably add a few more things and tweek this and that a bit. One of the first things I set up each year is our little German "smoker" that friends sent us from Germany some 30 years ago. It's one of my favourite decorations. The sweet grass scented burning tip smouldered from his pipe and made the whole house smell wonderful while I set up the tree and decorated the mantel.

Another one of my favourite decorations is my kitchen window sill "icy crown jars" candle holders. I have quite a few of my mothers old crown canning jars and they seem to find many uses other than canning! For Christmas I lightly stuff them with crinkly clear wrap (saved from one or two flower arrangements received throughout the year - if I'm so lucky). Then fill the jars with water - they now look like they are filled with ice.  Put the zinc jar rings on upside down and place the glass sealer into the ring on top of the jar, creating a little holder for a tealite candle.  I once decorated the zinc rings with some ribbon and have saved these from year to year.

Today we received some wonderful news that our friends Stew and Karen became Grandparents for the first time!!  So exciting for them.  Their little grandson picked some wonderful grandparents for sure!


  1. I love the idea of using the jars for tealights. Brilliant!! I love those old mason jars - I've got every single one I own filled with something - from marbles to rice. I'd have to empty some to get to use them for candle holders :-)

  2. Thanks Becky for promoting my blog on fb!! Your a dear.


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