Saturday, February 4, 2012

"Coastal" Pad Thai

Yesterday was the day I finally went "to the coast" to get my hair cut!
I needed it soooo bad.
My hairdresser and friend, Joanne, has been cutting my hair
for over half my life (and you all know how long THAT is).
She moved to "the coast" of Lake Huron some years ago and I
followed her there.  It's about an hour and 30 minute drive
for me, but so worth it.
We always have a wonderful visit and I really like
what she does with my limp and fine head of hair.
In the summer months I try to go an hour early
and hang out at the beach for a bit.
We have many things in common these days as
her daughter is also getting married this fall.
Our conversations are uplifting and enjoyable - as we solve the world's  
and our personal problems :).
On the way home I sometimes stop to pick up a 
few groceries and for some reason have been
making a habit of picking up fresh bean sprouts
and then whipping up a batch of pad thai for
supper that evening.
It's becoming a tradition for my after hair cut meal.
I cheat a little though, by using A Taste of Thai sauce!
Just follow the directions on the package and add
a few more things that you like:
We like to add mushrooms, garlic, red peppers, etc.

Oops, forgot to sprinkle some peanuts on before taking the picture!

Thanks Joanne for another great hair cut and visit!  

Till next time...... hugs!

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  1. A good hair cut, a visit with a friend and then a good Thai meal....well, that's a recipe for a very good day!


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