Monday, February 20, 2012

Hurray Hard!

We did a lot of hard hurrying yesterday
at our curling club's annual Bonspiel

We had so much fun.
Our team won the first round
Lost the second round
Came in third overall.

There was great homemade food for lunch and dinner
prepared by
some of the curler's wives
 and wonderful prizes for everyone.
Thanks to the Milverton Curling Club for another
very successful day!

Till next time.........chillaxing today on Family Day (or President's Day for my US friends)!


  1. BC is one of the provinces that does not have a holiday today - not fair!
    Soon we'll all be glued to the TV for the Briar - chowder and garlic bread and curling - Canadian fun!

  2. I've never curled but those that do just love it! Sounds like you all had a great time together. Enjoy your day off. It's not a holiday day here but I happen to have it off.....I'll chillax too:)

  3. It looks like fun...coming from someone who has never curled! Enjoy your day off. It's business as usual over here in BC.

  4. That is cool! I have never curled ... only seen it on TV during Olympics etc.

  5. Love it Mom!! You need to teach me your skills!! :) We are hosting a tournament here with all the big names, March 8-10!
    Love you! Becky


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