Monday, February 13, 2012

If Life Hands You Over-Ripe Bananas ....

Make Banana Bran Chocolate Chip Muffins!

I've been making these for more than 25 years.  It's a favourite and I can almost make them in my sleep ;). They create a great aroma to wake up to - that is, for the rest of the family.   Here's the easy peasy recipe:

1/2 Cup butter
3/4 Cup sugar
2 Eggs
1 Cup mashed bananas
1 Cup Flour
1 Cup Natural Bran
1 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. salt
1 Cup Chocolate Chips
Mix butter and sugar.  Mix in the eggs lightly.  Stir in the mashed bananas.  Combine the dry ingredients and stir lightly into the wet mixture just until everything is moistened - do not over mix.  Fold in the chocolate chips.  Spoon batter into buttered muffin tins.  Bake at 375F for about 20 minutes.  This recipe makes a perfect dozen.  They freeze well too.

Now make a cup of coffee and enjoy.........

Till next time..........have a lovely Monday.


  1. Mmmmmmm, love banana muffins - love bananas but hubby hates them and would not find the aroma of them baking good, ha, ha, ha - I'll make them when he's not around and enjoy them myself! Lisa

  2. I have some bananas that are ready for muffins. I'll be back tomorrow to follow your recipe....I love bran muffins, and with the addition of bananas and chocolate chips I know I'll enjoy them. A just may make a few extra for my dad....with raisins or dates.

  3. Nooooo - those look like they will not contribute to the image of myself slim and svelte in a drop-dead wedding outfit. I fear I may precede my daughter down the aisle in a mu-mu....but those muffins look soooo good!

  4. Always love banana muffins! Happy 'hearts day' to you.


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