Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Mennonite Girl Presents.....

Recently I came across an early 1980's collection
of "The Mennonite Girl Presents" children's cookbooks
 written by
Isaac R. Horst, a local Mennonite Historian.
These books are so delightful and 
my co-worker, when she was just 9 years old, was given
"The Little Mother's Cook Book"
by her Grandmother in 1986.
She remembers baking with her Grandmother,
using her own little rolling pin - what fun!
The illustrations and little words of advice
are so sweet throughout these books.

I think this little cookbook collection is absolutely precious
and written with such love.
I wish I owned every copy but thankfully I 
can borrow them from the College Library where I work,
if I want to
 leaf through, read, and maybe even follow a recipe 
for dinner or a snack!

Maybe Becky's little rolling pin, lovingly made by HER Grandpa, will be
used by a little one - cookin' with Gram someday!

Till next time....


  1. Those little local cookbooks are treasures, aren't they?
    I was delighted to read that you and I are on the same trajectory....planning weddings for beloved daughters! If you are comfortable doing so, please email me at the address on my profile and I'll share more details.

  2. Most interesting. That looks like a great collection! So the name of our blog/cookbook is really nothing new.

    1. I think MGCC should do a children's (or maybe grandchildren's) version!!???? - complete with little aprons - Oh my!

  3. Rosella....I loved reading this post. My granddaughter and I enjoy cooking together in my kitchen regularly. She has said to me a number of times that she should have a cookbook too. I must look for a copy of these books for her.

  4. Kathy was telling us about these cookbooks tonite and I had to come and check out your post. How interesting that you two got to visit on the phone recently! It's a small world after all, isn't it?


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