Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine Party Memories

One of the advantages of being the one
who is willing to take home the 
boxes and bags of "stuff" from your
parent's things is
you find the most wonderful memories!
My dad had carefully kept some of his
school mates Valentine Greeting Cards!
These were from the mid to late 20's I believe
as he was born in 1916 and was
probably around 8-10 years 
old when he received these.

I can imagine their fun Valentine Day Parties
where classmates would exchange cards,
there would be treats of heart shaped cookies, popcorn,
and candy.

I vaguely remember our school Valentines Day Parties.
The classroom was decorated with pink and red 
construction paper hearts.  Crepe paper streamers and
a large, beautifully decorated box with a
small opening on top where we put our
 Valentine cards in.
At some point throughout the party, that box was
opened and the cards where
It was always such fun to see how many cards
you got and from whom!

I wish I had kept some of those cards the way
my Dad did!
They would have been the 60's style
There goes that number again!

What are your Valentine Day School Party memories?

Wishing you all a fantastic pre-Valentine weekend!


  1. What a treasure trove!
    I have happy memories of Valentine's boxes, lovingly decorated, and of hearth-shaped cookies taken to school to share.

  2. aren't they wonderful! I have an whole box full of Marie's too - some from her 'beaus' probably about grade 2. They aren't as cool as these!

  3. I think we were at the same class party...back in the sixties. What fun!

    What beautiful vintage valentine cards!


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