Wednesday, November 7, 2012

All in a Pre-Wedding Week

The week before the wedding
was a busy and fun time!
I can't believe it was two months ago!!

The first shower was hosted by my sister and nieces
It was so great to see all the "big and little" girls.
Such a fun evening of reconnecting with aunts and cousins,
and great food - as always!!

Shower #2 was a Leis Family Spa night
What a great time - getting pampered
with a relaxing pedicure and snacking on wonderful appies
made by my amazing sisters-in-law!!
It was so great for Becky to see her aunties and
cousins - so rare these days!

Next was a practice make-up session
by Jen, bridesmaid and friend for many years.
Jen is a great make-up artist and wonderful Arbonne Representative.

Last minute decor items were finished.

Then all of a sudden it was the night before!!!!
The rehearsal went well,
our wonderful friends Heather and Steve,
my awesome sisters Ev and Marilyn came to get
all the food ready for the rehearsal party while we went off
to "practice".
It was a great night, the huge bonfire kept the
party warm, and a nice casual time was had by all!
After everyone left, the sauna was
preheated for a relaxing "night before" the big day.

Till next time ...... trying to organize some thoughts and pictures for a Wedding Day post!  Please bear with me on this.


  1. Loved seeing the pics. Especially good one of Gloria. Miss seeing her every week when I was working at the Dr.'s office. Pre wedding time is always fun. So much stuff to do but it always gets done by the end. I've actually been through it 3 times and each one was fun and unique. Laura

  2. Those will all be special times to look back on with great memories. Weddings are so busy but such a fun time.

  3. Oh what fun all these building up too the day events are! Love all those ideas. Now I think I need to convince someone we need a sauna in our yard!

  4. As much fun as it was, it must be such a great feeling to have it all behind you now and know you don't have to plan and hope any more.

  5. I love your wedding posts! I can still "hear" the joy as you share this celebration of marriage and all the festivities surrounding it! Love it!

  6. Nice for you to share your posts just a bit later. Such wonderful memories. I love the effect of an evening Bon fire..we had a fire ban, so that was prohibited.


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