Monday, November 19, 2012

Ducks in a Row

Life-like Bronze ducks in a row in the Public Garden

We just returned from a mini vacay to Boston!
Well, it was actually a business trip for the Farmer/Advisor
(aka "my financial suggester as he likes to call it")
but a nice break for me.

Boston is a very impressive and friendly city
which is proud of its history and amazing "hawbah".
I just love their accent.....

We were impressed with the Boston Common - a beautiful park
which was right outside our hotel window!

The city is "steeped" in tea and much more, History, that is!
We saw the Granary Burial Grounds where
Paul Revere, John Hancock, Sam Adams,
and many other history makers are buried!

A walking tour brought these events to life
and told the gruesome stories of the
witch hunts, Mary Dyer, the wars, the fight for freedom,
and the hardships of
the early settlers.

The food was a highlight as we
feasted on lobster rolls at James Hook & Co.,
clam "chowdah" at The Black Rose,
the famous pizza at Regina's,
Italian food in the North End, and of course
a drink where everybody knows your name - Cheers!

Me and Tecumseh at Cheers

On the last day we visited the Quincy Market Place
where a giant Christmas Tree was lit that evening.
It was absolutely beautiful and the lights twinkled in time
to music - this really started to put me into the Christmas spirit.

Giant Christmas Tree in Quincy Market as viewed from atop the US Custom House

At the market we shared a small Boston Cream Pie - so, so good!

All in all - it was worth the long drive to and from Boston!!!

Till next time ........... might attempt to make a Boston Cream Pie!  Have you ever made one?


  1. Oh now you have me going! I really want to visit Boston sometime. You took the city in well. I'm always quoting "Cheer". I love to go where everyone knows our name! Blessings. So...I'm considering breaking out the "Smirntopf" for Thanksgiving on Thursday...

  2. Cheers Restaurant and Boston Cream Pie are still on our bucket list, but maybe we'll find time to check them during our Christmas visit. Can't wait to see that tree at Quincy Market.

  3. Just once! I have enjoyed all your commentary and the great photos plus my dear friend Vickie from Sand Flat Farm recently featured Boston. She's a Texas gal so she had a unique perspective. Then she came to visit me! =)

  4. Such a fun trip...makes me want to visit again soon! I've made Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes, but never a Boston Cream Pie. I might need to add it to my baking list, too :)

  5. Looks like you had a great time in Boston...I wish we had some business farming events in other cities.
    Yes, I make Boston Cream Pie. It was a favorite in our family. My mom always made it.