Thursday, February 21, 2013

3-2-1 SPLASH!

Bath Salts

Salt baths are excellent for sore and aching muscles.  They are easy to make and are wonderful gift ideas when presented in a nice container or decorated mason jar!

3 Cups Epsom Salt

2 Cups sea salt or pickling salt

1 Cup Baking Soda

Splash of fragrance or essential oil (recipe calls for 1/2 oz. but I just used about 1/4 oz. Lavender essential oil)
Measure out the salts and mix them together well, making sure to break up any clumps.
A few drops of food colouring can be added if you wish.
Use ¼ Cup per bath.


Easy as One, Two, Three!!!

Till next time ........... heading to the sauna and then for a refreshing salty bath!!! 


  1. You have a sauna?! Sounds like a lovely spa day to me...

  2. Sounds heavenly...I think I'll try it for a simple foot bath a little later today.

  3. I have never added baking sofa before. Interesting!
    Magnesium deficiency has shown up as a causes for depression; a case of the blues may be gotten over with a few high concentration Epsom salt soaks. We here by the Great Salt Lake can testify that soaking in salty water that floats you makes for a natural euphoria!

  4. It sounds lovely and relaxing! I think I'd really enjoy the lavender scent.

    I love to soak in the sea - fresh water swimming is just not the same.

  5. Now that sounds simple enough. I may have to take up bathing rather than showering!

  6. Oh, gosh, it's been eons since I've enjoyed a long bath...and one with bath salts sounds so relaxing and therapeutic! I need to slow down and treat myself. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, my friend!

  7. This sounds great, but one question where do you get epsom salt? Haven't seen it anywhere.

  8. Sounds like a perfect recipe for a cold rainy day...1.2.3. Here I come.

  9. The sauna and a hot bath sound like Heaven! Enjoy!



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