Saturday, June 1, 2013


I was inspired today to dig
out my "wedding server" aprons
by Lovella's
Click on the above highlighted sentence 
and check it out.

Do YOU remember wearing these???

There they were at the bottom 
of my Cedar Chest!!!

I just wish I had kept track of
who's wedding it was that I served at
as a young teenager.

The waste size indicates that
I was quite slim......

That was fun!!!

By the way - if you still don't have Mennonite Girls Can Cook's
new book titled
you should order it today - it's gorgeous!

Till next time ...... hope everything fits back into the Cedar Chest!


  1. So pretty!
    The wedding server/reception apron tradition is new to me. Quite charming!
    In the '50s my mom had quite a collection of sheer aprons with various seasonal motifs. I loved playing dress up with them as a very young child. By the time I was cooking ( around age 6) I was frustrated with aprons that didn't cover my chest; that was where all the splashes and spills landed! No one seemed to have a full apron pattern that would fit a child.

  2. Oh I forgot to say on Lovella's post that this tradition is new to me as well. I think it's a lovely one and I'm so glad that you and the Mennonite Gals are keeping this going. Well, you almost are. =D

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful aprons with us before they go back into lockdown!

  3. Love your fancy aprons on the line, Rosella! Beautiful.

  4. Oh, Rosella! How fun is this? I am so upset with myself. I also had a number of aprons in the bottom of my dresser and for some reason decided to get rid of them not even that long ago, when you consider how long I did keep them. I think it must have happened when we got new furniture. I looked for them when we began talking about these aprons and could not find them. There was a pink heart shaped one, a turquise one, a white sheer like yours, an organza type white with yellow trim ...I keep hoping they will turn up somewhere.

  5. How fun that you kept them all these years. I for one never did wear an apron to serve at a wedding. Thanks for sharing some of your treasured memories all in a row on the line....with a breeze blowing it looks like.

  6. This truly is a great post Rosella. Beautiful aprons...hanging on a line looking windblown. I have no clue where Lovella found my modelling an apron...which were the leftover scraps from my bridesmaid dresses. Thanks for sharing your inspirations.

  7. I've never heard of wedding server aprons, but I love the photos!

  8. Rosella, those are such pretty aprons. I am glad you still have them, what a treasure.


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