Monday, June 17, 2013

Tofino Trails and Tales

One of the Rain Forest Trails

The Bog Loop

What a pretty place Tofino is!
The drive from Ucluelet is simply
amazing through
the Pacific Rim Park and it's unique
and beautiful boardwalk trails
through rain forests and 

And the beaches - oh, the beaches!!!!
So beautiful,
stretching for miles....
What more can I say.

Perfect for the surfers
young and old.
(those tight fitting, skinny wet suits,
not for me - ha!)

Transported in their 60's 
Camper vans
and old army jeeps.
We saw them EVERYWHERE.
It was like stepping back
in time - cool man!

The B & B there was perfect!
Gull Cottage
Our hosts Robin and Duncan made us 
feel right at home,
gave us lots of information,
and were well located right across 
from one of those beauty beaches.

Our "rain forest" room was the rounded one on the upper level

A soaker Tub! Such luxury.
We were treated Royally
and their hearty and 
delicious breakfasts
such a treat.

Good thing that we had lots of 
trails and beaches to walk off
all those yummy calories.

Their home was surrounded by beautiful gardens
and was home to two
adorable Boston Terriers and 
two pretty and much loved felines.

Thanks so much Robin and Duncan - your warm
hospitality made us feel so comfortable
and welcome.

Sunset at Chesterman Beach

Till next time .......... stay tuned for some 40th anniversary adventures in Tofino!


  1. Oh that sunset!! Glorious. You picked some great spots to stay...

  2. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Funny - Brian had a customer bring a 60's VW Vanigan for service last week - bright yellow with a white roof. He said 'You wouldn't believe how popular they are in BC' ... and I see that now!

  3. I'm walking / driving down memory lane here today. During the summer holiday's my parents would load up their gold and tan coloured 'shaggin' wagon' with all our camping hear and we would head to Tofino. Camping right on the beach those days was allowed. Sounds like you stayed in a much more posh place. After seeing and hearing about the wonderful time you are having I am going to make a suggestion:)

  4. Great post! What a beautiful place. I love b and b's because they are charming and it is fun meeting the hosts

  5. Good heavens! The spammers be out in force. Moving right along...

    I love that place! The B&B sounds marvelous and that soaker tub looks so relaxing...well, except for the windows...I'd love to look out them, but I'd worry about someone peeking in...even a bird! LOL

  6. What a fun trip! Another wonderful destination.

  7. Rosella! I've totally been out of the loop. Kathy just told me tonight you are on our side of the world. What a wonderful beautiful trip for your anniversary. What a gorgeous spot for you to be. If you drive by the farm...please stop. Oh close you are.

  8. You are right... such a gorgeous place to retreat to! So glad you are loving it!

  9. You have arrived in a beautiful setting. So this is your 40th? Same as us....I am so sorry that we missed you today...I was dying to meet you when Kathy let us know you had a few minutes...but who knows when. Enjoy the rest of your time.

  10. Those vans must be the thing for surfers. I know a young couple who surf and they have one too.

    I wonder if those wet suits would hold us in?? That is, if we could get into it at all :)

    A very beautiful place!