Tuesday, July 9, 2013



When a dear one dies or when a 
good friend goes away - it leaves
a gap in life
that's wide and deep.
A gap that you are conscious of
with every passing day,
A gap remembered
when you wake from
But it is the gaps that make the 
pattern in the lace - the sudden
break in continuity ....
Here and there you have 
to have a blank,
an empty space - to make the
strange and beautiful 
design of destiny.

                                                   Patience Strong

Today I remember fondly and celebrate the life of a childhood friend's dear mother!  Our families
lived in the same neighbourhood, had almost the same number of children with similar ages. We all became very good friends and our mothers, although very different (mine Amish Mennonite and hers Roman Catholic), were good mothers, kind mothers, nurturing mothers, loving mothers, and raised us up the best they could. 

What a privilege it was growing up in that 'hood where we felt safe and protected, where we played, rode our bikes, walked to school together, spent endless summers in the park and on the farm, learned to skate on the village pond, helped each other with chores, had paper routes, had parents that loved us, and felt like we belonged!

In our parent's senior years we would meet each other once again on visits to the "home" in New Hamburg where both sets of parents were being cared for. It brought back many childhood memories and was such fun to reminisce.

Miriam Zettel, a wonderful caring mother and almost like a second mom to me!  You have left a huge gap, have made the lace ever so beautiful and will be missed by all!

Theresa, Liz, Charles, Michael, Peter and Tom - may you and your families be comforted during this time of great loss!


  1. What a beautiful tribute. Sadly, I have come to an age when these beautiful women are growing older and are leaving at an alarming rate. It is life, of course, but not God's Plan A. May your friends experience comfort in the midst of their loss. I watched David Ring on You Tube recently describe losing his mother...oh my...brought me to tears.

  2. My heart goes out to you Rosella. Those women truly are a treasure and I can't help but think she must have cared about you. You wrote a lovely tribute.

  3. Lovely tribute and a beautiful poem. May God comfort you and all those who loved her.

  4. I really miss some of my parents friends who helped shape my life, too. Those life long relationships are dear and special and they do leave a gap in our lives when they leave us. She sounded like a wonderful mother and I'm sure she will be missed.

  5. A beautiful tribute to a loving mother and friend! I can so identify...as many of the mothers of my friends have passed on already.

  6. I loved that poem...It's so comforting and I could feel alongside of you that same kind of gap when I wrote about my friend Elvie. She seemed to serve a special spot in your life. And it's so wonderful that you can come here, reflect on her life and share your heart with all of us.

  7. I'm sorry for your loss that now leaves that gap. I'm sure your thoughts will often turn back to wonderful times and you will recall words she spoke. Hold on to these. May you find comfort in the Lord and together with those who join you in celebrating a lady whom many loved.

  8. What a beautiful tribute to your friend's mom.I love the idea in the poem of God using the gaps to make everyhting beautiful in it's time and it reminds me also of something I read once about it being better to have known, loved and then lost than never having known.I should find the exact quote, because it sounds better.
    May God comfort you and continue to bless you with memories.

  9. Rosella - no one could have said it better. What a beautiful tribute to both our Mom's. Thanks so much, Liz