Saturday, July 6, 2013

Saturday Morning Walk About

I love lazy Saturday Mornings
(even though I should be blitzing
and getting my cleaning,
weeding, and laundry
done) when I can take my
cup 'a and camera for a "walk about" to inspect
the gardens!

My little pal "Poppy"
comes along....

The rain, rain, and more
left it's droplets on the
tea roses.

The Lavender is in full bloom
Hmmm - what can I make with 
it this year???

The clematis is "taking over"
the front flower bed
and climbing on everything
besides the trellis!
Some pruning needed here....

The old garden hydrangea
is blooming nicely.
I like to leave it till Fall
and pick some for drying when it's turned
a pretty rusty colour.

And speaking of rust - my sunflower
is getting a nice patina from all
the rain and dampness!

A healthy patch of lamb's ear
this year - love the dusty colour
amongst the greens.

Oh, Oh, the zucchini patch is
in full bloom and I can almost
hear the weeds growing!!!
Better get off this computer and get at it.....

Till next time - I'll be digging out my zucchini and lavender recipes ....... 


  1. Saturdays are a good day to roam the garden, prune and clip. I'll be back to check out which recipes you've used. Enjoy your day!

  2. I touched some lambs ear for the very first time a few years ago at the Dallas Arboretum. It really shocked me. So soft...
    I've been out in the yard watering and enjoying the beautiful morning.
    Your lavender looks full and healthy. Enjoy your "digs"!

  3. Oh I don't doesn't look as if it needs weeding at all to me. How about another cup of joe and time sitting in the garden? I see that you've had lots of rain, too. So have we and coming into another week of it. Accckkk. Your little companion is adorable!

  4. I love summer Saturday mornings. The possibilities seem endless, and a stroll through the garden with a cup of coffee at hand and a Cairn underfoot sounds just about the perfect way to start out. Over here I have a second load of laundry ready to go out on the line at 0930. It's a great day for sheets and towels!

  5. Your garden is looking good, Rosella! Zucchini and lavender recipes are always welcome.
    One of these years I will plant a hydrangea plant..I love those flowers!

  6. Your garden looks like it is thriving. Mine went crazy while I was gone and the weeds have taken over. Plenty of work for me now....
    JoAnn (Gathering Place- but I'm signed in at my daughters)

  7. Delightful moss-covered log, as your Header. :-)

    Lamb's Ear has such a soft greenish color! Greenish and silver, blended. Why don't they make a paint color, like this???????????? :-)

    Gentle hugs,

  8. It's looking mighty pretty over there. You have the cutest garden-walking companion.

  9. I love Saturdays. That white clematis is just gorgeous! I love lavender too. Does yours come up every year? Do you cut it back?

    1. The Lavender does come up each year and I've only started to trim it back a bit this past year after talking to someone who grows fields of it! It came back beautifully this Spring. BTW just saw your cookbooks at a sweet little shop in downtown Stratford called "Treasures". They carry locally made Mennonite quilts, pottery, and lots of beautiful crafts and treasures!

  10. Oh, I love your Poppy! Such a cutie pie!!! I almost bought some potted lavender at the market today...I shall go back now :)

  11. Thanks for a tour of your Saturday morning walk. You've created a beautiful garden and I would like to have a taste of some Lavender tea... I have lots of lavender and I love the color purple.


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