Saturday, August 10, 2013

Stooking Time!

It's a beautiful thing
to watch this production
of "stooking" the sheaves!!

I have been carrying my camera
with me to and from work
specifically for this

I remember my Dad and Uncles
doing this and how it smelled
and how wonderful it all was.

It was SUMMER!

Hoping that your
summer is great and that
you have many memories of wonderful
summers past....

Till next time ........... take in the smells of summer!


  1. I can imagine the smell - great pictures of the way things used to be.

  2. Oh wonderful...I do love seeing it done the old-fashioned way. I also love it the new all smells fresh and like summer. Your photos are beautiful and frame-worthy.

    (So glad that your farmers were able to get in the hay. So many of ours are hurting this summer with the foul weather. I don't know how many will be getting in anything more than silage.)

  3. Oh, Rosella, I so miss seeing these images. They rarely happen in the north. Love the photos, and the aromas they conjure. Thank you!

  4. I could almost smell it Rosella! I love the photo with the men in their hats with white shirts and suspenders. Something so wholesome and rewarding as I see that hard work. I've enjoyed driving by Marg's place....this year again I watched the process on my way to work. Took me back in time. The field behind us just had the second cutting and bailing, and I have enjoyed the fresh grass smell of summer.

  5. Love how you have captured images of local life, and shared with those of us that would never see anything like this on our way to work!

  6. I can imagine how wonderful that hay must smell in the warm summer sun. That must be hot and tiring work, but what wonderful scenes you have captured with your camera. I never ceased to be amazed at all the varied styles of life that still exist in this big world of ours.

  7. Gorgeous scenes! I haven't seen stooks in many years! In fact, I rarely see the little square bales anymore. Most of our famers make the big round bales.

  8. Rosella, On vacation, I read a series of books on historic fiction where they were stooking and now I have a true image here to go with the story. I would certainly see why you have that camera with you!

  9. Oh, I am so glad you kept toting your camera back and forth. These photos are just marvelous...

  10. There is a special charm in your field's harvest! Fields here are being mowed and huge rolls of hay are seen covered in white plastic or baled in cubes. Not nearly as poetic as your scenes but as long as the livestock have winter food I guess any method is good in their opinion!

  11. I love those pictures! They just take you back to simpler times for some reason. Hard work, I'm sure. I would not even know what stooking is! A few weeks ago I drove up on the farm property where my daughter lives and the field was covered in what the kids call big marshmallows .. done in short order. I did not smell anything.

  12. Beautiful photos Rosella. Oh how I love the smells of haying time. I remember stooking in my teens, it sure beat washing dishes for the gang:)

  13. Oh I love this....this is the best time of life. We too experienced this two years ago...and I posted my first hand experience. I had never seen this prior. We grew wheat for the 'old timers threshing bee'. They sure worked hard. You have captured this beautifully.

  14. Beautiful pictures, Rosella!