Thursday, March 6, 2014

Feeling So Sew

I love to piece quilts
when I have time,
or when I take a class!
Needless to say - I don't get too many done.
As of now I have at least four tops sewn
but, alas, have not attempted the quilting part.
I do have my Mom's quilt stands that were
made for her by my Grandpa Gerber
so there really isn't an excuse - sigh!

On Saturday I dusted off my sewing machine,
and went to a quilt piecing class.
The pattern is called "Magic Tiles".

There were four of us "students" in the class
and each one had chosen the most interesting
fabric combinations...

One was a Grandmother who's Grandson
picked out the striking blue and green combinations for
his quilt to be,

a young mom who chose
the beautiful batik fabrics
to make a charming quilt
for her daughters "big girl bed",

and a young woman who was making an
ambitious queen size black, red, and white quilt.

We got all the pieces cut and were able
to get one block finished before it was time
to wrap it up.
What fun ...... a whole day of creating!

Today I stayed home from work with one of the worst
head colds I've had in years - so out came the quilt blocks,
the kleenex box, the hot tea,
and it all seemed to go quite well - could be because
of the drugs I'm on!?

Just the borders to go and then
it's ready to quilt.......

Now if I could just kick this fever, runny nose, and cough.....
A warm quilt to wrap up in would sure feel good.

Till next time ......... what are you creating these cold wintery days?


  1. So glad we have a number of Dianne's Mom's quilts. For me it is still hard to beat a Log Cabin quilt design.
    Hope you feel better soon, wine helps, lots and lots of wine.

  2. I'd love a day to be "crafty" and create something, but I'm sorry you had to get sick to find the time.. I love quilts! That is one of my favorite pins on Pinterest. Too bad I seldom sew!

  3. Sorry you are under the weather but glad you could accomplish so much in a cozy place...

  4. I love quilts, and while I made some in my younger days, I have to admit the task is rather daunting now. Take care of your cold, and thank you so much for the super post. All those quilts remind me of HOME, comfort and love. :)

  5. I must say you are most productive while feeling 'so sew'! Good job. We have been battling colds for the past week...while on vacation. We have to take our sick days by the pool!

  6. Glad you made head-way on your quilting projects. I've been creating a gallery wall for my family room. Hope you are feeling better!


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