Saturday, March 8, 2014

What I learned on Google - Oven Bacon

I have a glass top stove
and I've never liked it!!!
That's another story.
The worst part is that it is shiny black
and every speck or fingerprint shows.....

Having said that,
I don't make bacon very often
mostly because it's so messy.

So I googled how to make bacon without the mess
and, as Jeff Hutchison on Canada A.M. says,
"this is what I learned on the Internet today"
I'm calling it WILOG
(What I Learned on Google)

Place the uncooked bacon
on a foil lined pan and 
set it into a cold oven.

Turn the oven to 400F,
set the timer for 17 minutes and
go ahead preparing the rest of 
(it may take a few minutes longer depending
on the thickness of the bacon slices)

Voila - it stayed flat and oh so
fragrant and delicious!
No splatter to clean up
and the stove top was
free to fry the eggs etc.

I realize that this isn't Rocket Science
and that you probably already knew how to do this
but for me it was WILOG today...

Now the trick is to learn
not to eat too much on a Saturday morning!

Thanks - Google!

Till next time ........ do you have a glass top stove and do you like/dislike it???


  1. Great minds...
    I made bacon this exact way last weekend when we had all our kids here for breakfast. I had two sheets in the oven at once. I'll never go back...
    I used to clean houses for a glass top anything for me. Just saying...
    Hope you are feeling a lot better today!

  2. Oh wasn't it great?! And I tent it so it doesn't splatter all over the I don't have a glass top stove. I'm sorry that you don't care for yours because a woman ought to love her stove!

  3. Isn't it a great idea? I learned it a few years back at at B&B and haven't fried bacon since. Sometimes I 'paint' the strips with a little maple syrup too - yummy!

  4. Rosella, I too have the shiny black stove top that shows off everything! It's beautiful when cleaned, and I've got some good clothes and products that really work for me. Look at it this least we know our stove top is clean or dirty.....think about it....if it was white we'd only think it was really clean of all the finger prints. We have a grill that we place on a little table outside where we fry bacon. Works like a charm....but I'll have to do it in the oven. does the inside of your oven get a bunch of grease splatters?

    1. Kathy - it didn't seem to splatter up the inside of the oven at all! Frying bacon outside is also a great idea. I know what you mean about seeing the dirt on the stove top - but my biggest complaint is how it cooks. Mine seems to click on and off and therefore making sauces etc. sputter and squirt. With this it's difficult when I need a steady heat for certain things. I'm seriously thinking of switching to gas/propane - since we live out in the country this would also be advantageous when our power is out which seems to happen far too often! What to do? It's almost 9 years old but still in great shape.

    2. Rosella, I can imagine that would be really frustrating. My mom in law has a gas stove and she loves it!!! She's a wonderful cook and baker and I think I'd even consider gas after using hers. Ya...and if you get power's the way to go. Thanks for letting me know you did't seem to get a lot of splatter with the bacon.....I'm going to try that. BTW....I love my stove top and oven for's just that every little things know about that! Happy day!

  5. I have a glass top - it certainly is tricky to keep clean. My kids have propane and LOVE it. It is perfect for when the power goes out that's for sure. My kids also taught me the bacon in the oven trick. It's great for a crowd!

  6. I'm smiling here. I have an 'oven-baked bacon' post scheduled on Mennonite Girls Can Cook in the near future. I love doing bacon that way...simply because I so dislike cleaning my stove-top after frying bacon. And yes, I have a black 'glass' stovetop as well. I love it mostly...since it is like an extension of the counter. For cooking I would prefer gas...but one can't have it all!

  7. I have a glass top oven, but it's grey rather than black and I love it. It's easy to clean and WAY easier to clean than our gas oven we had awhile back. As for the bacon, I'm going to give WILOG a try! Thanks for sharing. :)

  8. Rosella, I don't like frying bacon on the stove either because of the mess. What I'm wondering is if it splatters in the oven? I don't have a glass top. I like how it looks nice and easy to clean... but I've made a mess that was almost impossible to get off at one of my daughters and gotten very frustrated about the fluctuating heat at the other one's. Maybe there are good ones out there and maybe other cooks know better what to do with them ....
    but I won't be asking for one. =)


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