Wednesday, September 4, 2019

The August that Was

Summer Holidays have quietly come to an end.
We tried desperately to slow it down but were seemingly unsuccessful.

It was a good month, however ...

Sunsets from the Kitchener condo roof top

Lake Huron Sunsets
A bit of camping in our wee Escape 19 - our Happy Place

Did a bit of biking on the G to G,
near Goderich, Ontario
Milverton, Ontario

These railroad trails are perfect 
for biking/hiking,
They are well maintained,
and so scenic!

So thankful for the foresighted
folks who have made this possible.

Eek - where are the filters when we need them?
Letting the hair go natural - second cut

Woodstock's 50th Anniversary reminded us that there was a
50th Wedding Anniversary to celebrate too.
The Farmer's sister and our dear brother-in-law to be exact.
We surprised them with a "Woodstock" style dinner out 
followed by some dessert here at the farm.

lots of tie-dye - everyone was such a great sport albeit camera shy!

It was such a fun evening!

This couple, Glennis and Mark, are amazing!
We love and respect them in so many ways.
They have contributed SO MUCH to our family and to the community they live in!
I couldn't ask for better in-laws!!

They will be continuing the celebration by taking their two sons and daughter-in-law
on a trip to Africa later this month!

picture taken by BIL Murray Leis - thanks so much!
Photo Bombed by the chauffeur/farmer

The Cake

This was so much fun creating!
Thank goodness for Youtube tutorials ...

Old fashioned farming still exists in our part of the country
and makes for some great photo opps...

Love to play with "Waterlogue" on these ...

Zucchini Relish made

The annual peach custard tart.
I always love an excuse to make this during
this bountiful harvest season!

When life hands you some much needed rain. (pic by mommy)

August flower child (pic by daddy)

End of Summer Bonfire - wish we had done more!

Instagram and text pictures from
the long weekender vacationers.

How did she get so grown up looking?

And this little cottager!!

Be still my heart ... ❤️ ♥️ 💜 

Thanks to Mommy and Daddy for sharing these great pictures.

The August that was turned out to be a good month in this summer of 2019.
So hard to believe that it is over .

Cheers to September - lots to look forward to during this new month
- a special little grand girlie starts school!!!???
- a get-away trip to Canada's East Coast and Bar Harbour USA
to mention a few.
September here we come!

Till next time ........ enjoying these last days of summer


  1. A great month! You are going to be a beautiful blond! ☺️ Coming to Bar Harbor? Wonderful. My niece is camping there this week. Your grands are adorable and happy. Gotta love happy children. 😁

  2. Looks like August was a full month of very good things!

  3. What a wonderful August for you! Lots of special moments . . . lots of love. Oh my, that is an amazing cake. (I could watch YouTube for years and never create that work of art.)

    Your hair is looking good! Is the waiting process harder than you thought, or easier? I was so happy when all of the color was gone and I have never looked back, but during the process . . . there were moments. :)

    Your little vacationers are SO adorable, and growing up so much!

  4. What fun to see Glennis and Mark celebrating #50! They are longtime friends whose paths don't cross very much any more. Beautiful cake and grandchildren!

  5. What a beautiful cake ... not to mention the relish and pie! Is your girlie really starting school? Such cute kids they are! I'm always so happy for you when I see pictures...

  6. That was quite the cake, Rosella! Beautiful. You are a quick learner for sure. That peach custard tart looks amazing, too. Your grands are growing so fast...why do they do that? They are so cute. So happy you are close enough to be part of their lives. Happy September to you!


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