Sunday, September 19, 2021

Morning Light


During these past months, I have never felt so disoriented or sad.
Even tho so many dear ones are praying for us and giving us so much support,
it still just feels so very heavy.
And yet the morning light breaks through each day.

We do feel those prayers but the lumps in our throat just keep getting harder.
The tears flow unexpectedly and sometimes not at all.
And yet the morning light breaks through each day.

The frequent trips to emerg are becoming too familiar.
I find myself numb and hardly even
able to speak or to seek God's face for guidance or for strength.
And yet the morning light breaks through each day.

How does one prepare for what's to come.
A large, still unfamiliar new house to rattle around in,
so many loose ends and unfinished plans.
And yet the morning light breaks through each day.

Worry, pain and fear daily and nightly robbing calm and sleep.
And yet the morning light breaks through each day.

I know in my heart of hearts that God has a plan for all of this.

Please Lord, help me to understand and to trust!
To seek the new morning light.
Help me to open your Word daily to read your words of love and hope.

Dear readers - thank you for bearing with me through this lament!
These are my raw and numb feelings.
I know we've been blessed beyond imagination
and I treasure each morning.
Thank you for your precious gift of prayer.
Trusting that the future will be OK.

I will be absent from blogging for some time or perhaps for a very long while.
I know not what lies ahead ...
I want to be fully present during this time!

Farwell for now - love one another, be kind and stay well.

"I lift up my eyes to the hills - where does my help come from?
My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth."
Psalm 121:1-2

"In the morning, O Lord, you hear my voice;
in the morning I lay my requests before you
and wait in expectation.."
Psalm 5:3

Until next time ... when things feel lighter and the morning light is brighter!


  1. Oh dear Rosella, I can't imagine the suffering you have been called to endure. May God surround you with his love and peace as you travel this hard hard road. Love and hugs and lots of prayers and tears, too.

  2. Sending much love across the miles. I dare not advise you, but if I did 😉, I'd say take it one day at a time. More than that is way too much. The Lord has this as you yield it to Him.

  3. Oh dear Rosella… my heart aches for you. Praying that you will have courage and strength for this night and tomorrow… and then I’ll pray again, Love, Lovella

  4. I join with you and many others in prayer. Thankful for the morning light that breaks through. May God comfort and uphold you, Jim and your family.

  5. Oh, Rosella. It hurts my heart to read this for I hear your heart in each word. You have expressed so eloquently and beautifully the hardness of these days. The fact that you know that God is good is the bedrock beneath it all, and I know that you are relying on that. But even unshaking confidence in Him does not mean that we do not suffer and that we do not hurt deeply when we are wounded. It is human and it is "real" to feel emotion; there is no shame.

    Like your other commenter-friends, I promise to pray for you and for your family!!

  6. Dear Rosella…my heart goes out to you! I can only imagine the sadness you are facing right now. Joining with the others in praying for you…for strength for each new day. May God continue to be your Light in this dark time.

  7. Oh what pain ...I'm so sorry to realize that you have had these difficult days while life goes on for the rest of us. I didn't even ask, how you are doing? My heart aches for you even as I so appreciate how you are able to open your heart in this way and let us know. Your faith is a rare treasure. May God hold you both closer than ever and give you the peace that only He can.

  8. Dear Friend, my first blogging commentator.
    Life has its twists and turns and I see you reeling in your lament….
    Wish we could sit together and just chat. But as you know….my heart is full like yours…and you’ve expressed your lament so eloquently. Praying for you as you navigate this journey.
    From another heavy heart…


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