Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Survived the Day!

Well, today was the day!
I survived and actually had a wonderful time
Felt the love of so many friends
and family
through emails, fb messages, phone calls,
text messages, and best of all, face to face.
Last evening we celebrated with Becky's future parents-in-law
with a delicious home-cooked meal prepared
by Patrick's mom, complete with white
chocolate mousse and birthday candles for dessert!
My amazing co-workers made today 
special with a high tea party at 
"coffee break" complete with fascinators, cucumber sandwiches,
scones and jam, specialty teas, and fancy
tea cups!
A beautiful bouquet of flowers arrived at work from
a thoughtful daughter and her fiance.

Pictures by Jen Konkle - who BTW is celebrating a birthday tomorrow Jan. 4th and planned this little tea with her partner in crime - Sara C.!!!  Thanks you guys!


High tea - what fun!

The flowers!!!
Life is Good!  Maybe being 16 60 isn't so bad after-all!!!


  1. A very happy birthday to you! I am following in your footsteps...and will be turning 60 in two weeks time. Scary thought...but it's coming...ready or not! My friend is also turning 60...and so we are making plans to throw ourselves a party. Why not? At this age we can get away with anything, right? Blessings to you on the journey ahead!

  2. Thanks Judy - happy 6-0 to you too! I'm still reeling a bit on this one and haven't come to terms with it yet! Trying my best to accept it graciously. And, yes I agree with you about getting away with anything. I love the "Warning - When I'm an Old Women" poem by Elizabeth Lucas! Blessings to you too and I shall miss your regular posts but will look forward to the ones you have time to do. Happy celebrating!

  3. happy birthday to the most beautiful and youngeset looking mom ever! xoxo Becky

  4. So we are 1952 twins....happy birthday...that day has many reminders for me already..and I guess I can remember this day with ease.
    Happy 60th...watch out...some of us are trailing close behind.

  5. What a lovely post :) I'm glad you had a good day, Rosella! ~ Jen


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