Sunday, March 4, 2012

30 Years Ago .......

30 years have gone since we said our goodbyes
You slipped away unexpectedly during that dreary March night
We didn't have a chance to tell you how much we love you.
You were a man of God, a progressive farmer, 
a loving husband, father and grandfather
respected by all who knew you.
You were too young (only 62 years old) to die,
Mother was too young to be a widow
Your grandchildren would have loved you so!
You are sorely missed at weddings, birthdays, family

You would be so proud of your youngest son and daughter-in-law
 who capably took over the dairy farm
Of their two children - one who married just last year and has a wee
one of their own (and one on the way)!

Of your twin sons who both married wonderful women and
have very successful careers - one a teacher,
the other - owning a successful construction company,
and lovely children - one with a daughter and son and 
the other with a daughter.

of your eldest daughter, and her husband, who holds the family together
with her kindness and sense of family,
her success as a professional nurse,
of her two sons, the only two you got to know and love.
 Both with successful careers at home and abroad
Your eldest grandson who is now married

Your youngest daughter who along with her wonderful husband, keeps us all upbeat
and gave you three wonderful grandchildren
one who married just last summer!

Of your eldest son who is wise and still has a love for the farm you
helped him to establish
You would love his beautiful daughter who will marry this Fall.

Mother is getting very confused these days and has
vivid memories of you - I believe you are with her every day!

Thank you for how you taught your children
 the value of working hard,
being responsible and independent
Thank you for teaching us all to love the Lord
and to be ready for that unexpected hour.

You were a wonderful father-in-law to me
We miss you and will never forget you
We have so much to tell you when on that beautiful day we shall meet again!


  1. Tomorrow is the 21st anniversary of my father-in-law's passing. In some ways it seems like such a long time and in others, just like yesterday. Your dad would have a right to be proud of his children - what a tribute to his memory there is in the entire family.

  2. Scott lost his father on March 10 of last year, and we are thinking of him often these days.
    I remember your father-in-law so clearly, and also remember when he died so suddenly. It just does not seem possible it has been 30 years! That picture of him looks very much like his youngest son, although I see him in all of them. I haven't seen the teacher twin for many years, but the rest of his boys look more like him all the time.
    How wonderful to have hope of heaven!

  3. What a beautiful tribute and gives me insight into your family. Thank you. I think you are the one with the family farm? Similar for myself. My husband took over the family dairy heard and we farmed for 23 years and then sold and went into a broiler farm.
    I'm just reading a few of my favorite blogs and then will post about my father in law's 100th birthday celebration this past weekend.

    1. Thanks Marg - We are actually the "eldest" son with a farm just down the road from the home farm. I am so thankful that I got to know him as my Father-In-Law.

  4. What a beautiful tribute to your dear father-in-law...I'm so sorry you lost him way too soon~

  5. Rosella, what a beautiful tribute to your dad. I can see that you had a wonderful dad in your life...a true blessing. May the memories be sweet and soothing to your heart today. God has been good to you!

  6. Rosella...I have enjoyed exploring your site and this tribute was very touching. Merlin and I thank you for the time you take to treasure and honour loved are a gem!


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