Wednesday, March 21, 2012

First Full Day of Spring!

This first day of Spring is unbelievable!
The temperature soared to 24C
I came home from work to a 
beautiful display of blooming daffodils
I went to the garden to take my weekly picture of
the Rhubarb patch and there are leaves on
the plants.
This is more like the middle of April not March!

Rhubarb - Week Two

We made a large salad
topped it with some pan seared brie wedges
and took it outside on the patio to eat.
The fields are drying off at an alarming rate
and H groomed the lawn today!
Wow.....I'm not sure I'm ready for this.

Pan Seared Brie Cheese Wedges:
There isn't really a recipe for this - you just make it.  Cut Brie disc into wedges, dip each wedge into an egg wash, then into bread crumbs and fry gently in butter.  Makes a yummy "crouton" for your favourite salad!

Till next time - enjoy, enjoy, enjoy this awesome weather while it lasts!


  1. Wow, eating on the patio in lovely!

  2. You are SO far ahead of us! My son sent me a shot of the dashboard on his truck, showing the outside temperature of 26! We, on the other hand, are freezing!
    I can't wait for the first rhubarb...

  3. who is H? ... i'm jealous of your weather


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