Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lion or Lamb - that is the question?

Will March come in like a Lion or a Lamb????

I'm hoping for a Lion - so it goes out like a Lamb
How I long for Spring....

I found some "different" seeds at a little
country store the other week
and am anxious to
start the growing season.
It's fun to try new things each year in the garden.

I remember my mom starting her 
tomato plants indoors during March break.
I used to do it too, but never had much luck
since I don't have a good old hot-bed like she did
I've been thinking of setting one up but until then,
I'll buy my plants right from some of the
local greenhouses in the Spring - that seems to work 
best for me now!

Am I rushing it too much? Perhaps!

Here's hoping for a Lion..........Rooooaaaarrrr - bring it on!

Till next time ........ think Spring.


  1. I think March will be roaring in tomorrow. It has been unseasonable cold out here, with high winds. I'm longing for the blossoms that should appear any day now!

  2. Guess what? We have snow! How fantastic it that? Even better than that...I'm packing my bags and heading to sunshine to wait out the remainder of winter. I do hope we can all see March leaving like a lamb.

    1. Have an awesome time Lovella. Well deserved R & R!

  3. I've been finding myself peeking at the seeds at the near by garden's along my walk and I am starting to really look forward to the spring garden. My daughter in the prairies has started her seeds....she has real success. I do a bit of both. It was a dreary day here in our valley but I was busy all day and just ignored it.

  4. It feels more like lion than lamb over here...but at least it is not snowing. I think we are all looking forward to spring...and gardens once more. I love the seasons!

  5. I am getting spring fever, too...with the mild winter, the coming of spring has been teasing us for weeks! I'm thinking lion since it's been very, very windy and stormy...yet the temps have been unusually warm.


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