Monday, May 7, 2012

4 for 4 and Favourite Rhubarb Pie

Mrs. Robin's 4th egg 
She did it!  She has been a busy bird.  The eggs are so beautiful!  I did a bit of research and read that the eggs will hatch in 12-13 days. Due date = May 19th??  I hope we are able to avoid disturbing her too much between now and then, however, she picked the busiest entrance of the house......will do our best!

Oriole in the Apple blossoms

We have so many beautiful birds around here right now.  An oriole that sings like a robin who's had voice lessons, hummingbirds constantly at the feeder  like whirling dervishes, the nesting cardinal couple, and way too many bluejays!

Today was a busy Monday.  The fields got cultivated and fertilized - this means that things are pretty "rammy" around here with no time to eat, talk, or stop for even a minute.  Alas, it started to rain this evening screeching everything to a halt - oh well, there are hockey games to watch after all!  For me it was one of those days where I wished I had gone to work - would have been a lot less stressful - smile. In spite of the busy day I got some planting done in the garden, took a quick trip to the nearby village for some fresh bread and sliced meat to make quick sandwiches, delivered them to the "back forty", dabbled a bit in my rhubarb craft (to be revealed later this month) and last but not least - made two fresh rhubarb pies - first of the season!!  Recipe below:

Favourite Rhubarb Pie

This makes 1 pie - I usually double the recipe to make two pies (why make one??)

1 Egg – slightly beaten                         
1 tsp. vanilla                                          
1 Cup White Sugar
2 Tbsp. Flour
2-3 Cups Rhubarb – chopped
Add vanilla, white sugar and flour to egg.  Stir in the rhubarb and pour into an unbaked pie shell.

Crumb topping:
¾ Cup Flour
½ Cup Brown Sugar
1/3 Cup Butter – soft
Put topping onto the rhubarb/egg mixture

Bake for 10 minutes at 400F.  Reduce to 350F and bake for another 30 minutes.  Enjoy!

Till next time ............ treading softly around the main entrance!


  1. Ha! How great is that! 4 eggs! That rhubarb pie looks mighty fine!

  2. Please pass me a slice!
    Oh... and to see those blue eggs! Makes me smile.

  3. Oh...fresh pie! Delicious looking.
    Love those blue eggs...I'll have to post some of our own.

  4. That's my kind of pie...and i can imagine that those farmers were happy to see you in the back 40! I know what you mean about staying home...We can never be satisfied.

  5. How marvelous!!! I can't wait to see these beauties hatch :)

    I haven't had rhubarb pie in years...I'm drooling at the thought of one of your slices!!!

  6. I love those eggs!
    I was just looking at my rhubarb this afternoon and thinking of pie....

  7. the rhubarb pie. I know where-of you speak...about the stresses of getting the spring work done! When the sun shines...there is no time time to enjoy 'normal life'. :)

    What pretty blue eggs!

  8. Bird eggs.....such a pretty picture with hope for something to come. Your pies look wonderful. My dad just brought me some rhubarb.....I will be baking something with them soon.....maybe your pie:)

  9. Hmmmm, rhubarb pie! I'm hoping that my rhubarb is mature enough this year that I may be able to harvest some. This one looks fabulous and easy.

    What great timing! I get to read your very own "The Secret." Surely, those robins will get used to the very busy spot they've selected.

    Looking around for a "followers" gadget... Since I don't see one, I'm hoping that you'll return to visit me again and let me know how the nest is hopping.


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