Thursday, May 17, 2012

Homegrown "Fireworks"

Allium May 2012

Victoria Day in Canada 

Calls for fireworks and celebrating
Oh, and lots of hotdogs!
I think the Allium resembles fireworks
don't you?
I guess that's a bit of a stretch.

I remember back in the 60's
how our area churches youth groups
would have their first of the season's
baseball tournaments on
Victoria Day.
What fun it was to see everyone,
cheer our little hearts out for our
favourite teams and even play
on a team!

It was also the weekend when we got 
our first sunburns of the summer.
Little did we know how bad that was
for our fair, pastie white skin!
We would shiver from our sunburns
that evening in the cold night air 
as we waited for the fireworks 
to begin.

I think I'll just kick back
and relax - no baseball, no sunburn,
maybe a few hotdogs,
and admire my dreamy beautiful
homegrown "fireworks"!

Enjoy a wonderful Victoria Day Weekend.....


  1. Beautiful fireworks! So you are about to have your long weekend in Canada. We get ours next weekend. Enjoy your relaxation!

  2. is so amazing how we can not think of holidays without remembering our past. I loved hearing how you celebrated Victoria Day as a young thing. I can see my chive blossoms out my window today I'll be celebrating tiny fireworks with you.

  3. A friend just told me that alliums always make her think of lollipops and the Wizard of Oz lollipops kids.

  4. Love those blooms! We used to have a ball tourney on the long weekend in May as ball. And was often the first sunburn of the year. Good memories.

    Happy Victoria Day to you.

  5. Your allium are gorgeous! Happy Victoria Day to you!!!!

  6. Love those flowers Rosella. I'm putting in my request for next year's plant exchange at Grebel!



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