Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Pinata for the Family Gathering

O.K. - I had way too much fun making this
beehive pinata! (can't figure out how to put the little do-dad above the first "a" in pinata - but you all know what I mean right?)

It's for our family's annual reunion picnic - not just any kind of picnic - but a Teddy Bear's Picnic!!!

I started making it about two weeks ago by
putting 3 layers of newspaper strips onto a balloon.  I used flour and water to make the "paste" for two of the layers and then switched to white glue thinned down with some water for the last layer.

I left it to dry for a few days in between each layer.

Once completed, I used a thin yellow tempura paint.  The final layer was made by gluing on strips of yellow crepe paper.

Bumble Bees were made with yellow and black pompoms
and black pipe cleaners.  Wings made with white
netted ribbon.

The best part was going to the bulk food store and loading up on wrapped candies (some sampling occurred also).

It's ready to go and now I hope my great nieces and nephews will have fun as they take turns trying to "break" the hive to spill it's contents.

It's going to be a great photo op for the family!

Till next time ............ getting ready for our Rhubarb Event and the Family Picnic - it's going to be a busy first weekend in June 2012!  

To quote the farmer "nothing like planning two major outdoor events to make it finally rain" Ugh!  It's raining cats and dogs right now - but I agree - we do need it.


  1. That pinata is a fun idea for your reunion. The kids are going to love it for sure! Very creative...

  2. Fun pinata! Too bad they can only be used once.

    Enjoy your much-needed rain. Let's hope it stops just when you need it to.

  3. And it pouring cats and dogs here right now also. I hope you have some sun for your we are hoping for sun for June 17th...another big event. But whatever, they will all remember that even with the Pinata.

  4. Your pinata is so darn cute, Rosella! It will be a wonderful reunion :)

  5. This is very creative and I can see how you must be excited to use it for the picnic. I'm looking forward to seeing the follow up photos of the pinata.

  6. You kwnow you could hav used really big pumkin,hollowed it out and filled it with treats,when you smash it ,it makes a really great sound and bits fly everwhere,what were you thinking!!we really needed the rain so thats agood thing,thelawns and the crops are a little happier now.have a great party.bye for now

  7. OH I really hope the skies clear. I know what that is like to watch the sky for clearing.
    That pinata is so fun!

  8. Im currently trying to decide on how to decorate my drying pinata its between a beehive and owl but I think it sounds awful bashing an owl to pieces! I've wanted a piñata for ages and I was close to just buying one but at 13 English pounds I thought no way I'll make one I hope it's ok! I've done two layers of flour / water newspaper and then 2 more with kitchen roll and pva glue / water so now it's just the drying to do, yours looks great by the way!


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