Friday, May 11, 2012

Precious Child


It’s every mother’s dream to have a little girl like you
God smiled on me and granted my wish
I couldn’t believe how beautiful and perfect you were
Your bright shiny eyes, your perfect fingers and toes
The overwhelming love that I felt was impossible to describe
I loved every minute watching you grow and develop
Into a very smart and social little butterfly
Though you have no siblings, you have made many wonderful friends
And have loving cousins galore
Now you have chosen a life partner
What a wonderful wedding that will be!
You are more precious than gold to me
I feel so blessed to be a mother
And especially to be your mother!
You are my only one - my limited edition!
Like the Robert Munsch book says…
“As long as I’m living, your mother I’ll be”

Love you forever!

Till next time.........HAVE A HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY MY FRIENDS!


  1. That is lovely, Rosella. It's so comforting, affirming and happy-making for me to read something that puts into words how I feel about my children.