Saturday, May 19, 2012

Roasted Asparagus Wrapped in Prosciutto

For a real treat, we like to roast Asparagus wrapped in prosciutto on the bbq. and serve it as a appetizer.  It's so easy, especially when the farmer does all the bbqing!

It's a great finger food appetizer for any gathering or for just you and the farmer - smile.

Wash the asparagus, snap the tough ends off, slightly dry with some paper towel, split the prosciutto lengthwise and wrap the meat onto the spears.  Pop these tender shoots on the grill and roast for 5-7 minutes until the prosciutto gets nice and crispy (turning several times with your tongs). You can use bacon as well but you should cook the bacon a bit before wrapping the asparagus - it takes longer to "crisp" thus overcooking the asparagus.

Spritz with a bit of lemon and enjoy while you wait for the rest of your bbq to finish!

Till next time ....... enjoying the sunset on the back deck!  Life is good.


  1. That certainly looks good!
    Right now I'm making your lasagna in anticipation of the grandchildren arriving tomorrow. Declan has asked for Nana to make lasagna, so of course, that's what's on the menu for the first meal!

  2. this looks absolutely scrumptous,great weekend for bbquing and planting flowers ,not so great for putting a steel roof on a house!!!!,what made me think of that????enjoy your long weekend and eat lots of icecream.have a great weekend,love your picture of the flowers

  3. That's a great combination...I love that. I love asparagus on the grill also.
    I loved your reminisce about Victoria Day. This weekend we spent time ticking off our to do list...from spring cleaning to gardening...but it's finally coming along. Your Rhuby Tuesdays' sound exciting...I will be checking out those recipes.


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