Friday, May 4, 2012

She did it!

I left the house at 10 a.m.  Returned at noon AND
guess what I found in the nest!!!!!

I was so surprised........

The rest of my day was great!  I took a picture of a cardinal's nest (top left).  
We've been watching this pair for some time
and realized that they were busy nesting too!
Unlike the Robin, they have built their nest high 
and well hidden.
How I wish I could see into that nest too - have you ever
seen a cardinal egg?  I haven't.
It will be fun to observe

My parrot tulips are blooming - I love those.
I made my "trip to the coast" for a 
much needed hair cut.
I always go a bit early so I can hang out at the beach for a few minutes.
The lake was calm and lovely today.
Lake Huron is my favourite of the Great Lakes!
Thanks Jo for another great visit and cut.

Tomorrow we will be attending the wedding
of my cousin's and my husband's cousin's daughter, Alison.
Confused?  Alison's mom is my first cousin and her dad 
is H's first cousin.  Cool eh?
She's a beautiful young lady and I was her mentor 
during some of her teen years.  There are many 
family and church connections and we look
forward to celebrating this day!

Now I'm ending the day with a nice cup of camomile tea - life is good!

Till next time ................ I'll keep watching the nest and I want to wish everyone a HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO tomorrow!!

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  1. Attending a wedding, eh? I can relate to that. I have never seen a cardinals egg. That Robin's egg is a beautiful shade...